Ricky Eat Acid

Editsun over hills (EP)
1. let's go outside
2. 'angels'
3. sun over hills
4. this goes out to...
5. what do u wanna do today?

Release Date: 2014
EditThree Love Songs: B-Sides & Outtakes (Compilation)
1. Black clouds pass through me
2. Untitled (Storm)
3. Maybe they are waiting for me
4. Outside your house (Original)
5. Taking valium for you
6. Touched briefly by two hands in an empty room
7. Untitled (Notes)
8. White roses
9. Untitled (Piano - main theme)
10. Outside and it's dark and there's no one
11. There is a strange light glowing
12. Phone lullaby thing

Release Date: 2014
EditThree Love Songs (LP)
1. There is only you in the light & nothing else
2. Driving alone past roadwork at night
3. Inside my house; some place I keep dreaming about
4. Big man's last trip outside
5. In rural virginia; watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room
6. Inside your house; it will swallow us too
7. It will draw me over to it like it always does
8. In my dreams we're almost touching
9. God puts us all in the swimming pool
10. Outside your house; the lights went out & there was nothing
11. I can hear the heart breaking as one
12. Starting over

Release Date: 2014
Edityou get sick; you regret things (LP)
1. Ambience
2. Sickboy
3. Watching sad films
4. One small request
5. Crawl space kid
6. Windows
7. Dénouement
8. In bed thinking of you & airplanes
9. Sometimes you go places
10. Sunflower
11. Deeper than I ever wanted you
12. When you get used to feeling sick every day
13. Ryan
14. Clean sheets in winter time
15. I used to be a writer
16. Beds
17. And all the tape recorders of the world will
never hear my voice the way you do
18. It's been a proud winter for the sky
19. If you could make everybody happy would you
20. Like a peninsula that longed to be an island
21. We could go crazy together in open spaces, on
22. No, I could almost feel myself floating up to
the ceiling
23. Strangers
24. Stay in bed for days
25. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?

Release Date: 12/12/2012
Editsketches (EP)
1. Champagne Life
2. P. S. L. W.
3. Brand New
4. Alumni

Release Date: 09/12/2012
Editambien music (EP)
1. Ambien Music
2. Ambien Music One
3. Ambien Music Two
4. Ambien Music Three
4. Ambien Music Four

Release Date: 08/03/2012
Edit(2011_demos) (Compilation)
1. and then it started to rain
3. eating spiders
4. a smoothie robot for my moon mansion
5. something sad and my legs shake
6. blinded
7. fuck other people
8. when you wake up ill be gone little cat
10. birds
11. candy
13. Birthday
14. birds (JSHIS's Cocoa Puff Cut)
15. summertime loser
16. strawberries
17. spoooooky
18. standing under the cross in the woods
19. disappeated (feat. Steffaloo)
20. Birthday (Enhues Remix)
21. when i was four
22. riverbones (feat. Enhues)
23. lost my nasa hat in the snow
24. fourth of july parade (feat. Rachel Levy)
25. shivering in your new winter coat
26. snow forever

Release Date: 01/01/2012
Editso i will not fall deep into the earth (EP)
1. so i will not fall deep into the earth

Release Date: 01/01/2012
Editseeing little ghosts everywhere (LP)
1. the king of all rollerskaters
2. cookie cake mountain
3. seeing dead cats in my dreams
4. sitting by the church with dan
5. hanging out in the valley
6. it rained for so long that my house floated away and i drowned
7. dead baby bunny
8. happyhappyhappy
9. cool kid sunglasses
10. turn into flowers
11. nothing
12. happy hymn
13. birthdays
14. skating thru nelson land
15. falling forever and ever
16. inside the moon
17. ghost bird
18. being underwater and everything being quiet and still
19. candycorn
20. séance for a dead pet
21. sad sad stars

Release Date: 2011
Edithaunt u forever (EP)
1. Foxxx
2. Slo-dancin'
3. Grrrrls
4. My darling bby
5. Beautiful gurrls
6. Ur my bby
7. Fallin' 4 u
8. Luvin' u
9. Ur my destiny ~~

Release Date: 2011
Editapril (EP)
1. april one
2. april two
3. april three
4. april four
5. april five
6. april six

Release Date: 2011
Editsometimes we're blue (EP)
1. i found your flower crown
2. ghost
3. bones
4. kyle
5. because

Release Date: 2010
Editlike I was floating (EP)
1. anxieties (feat. Rachel Levy)
2. no sky
3. sickfeeling (feat. Rachel Levy)
4. whitewalls
5. creep

Release Date: 2010
1. Kiss
2. Audrey
3. Hhhhappy
4. What do we do
5. WAVEs

Release Date: 2010
EditSometimes you make people sad (LP)
1. Angry Clouds
2. Pale blue and dripping water
3. Sun not low on my cheek, she's eating my
4. Care-oh-line
5. Rainbones
6. My Favorite Dress
7. I'm somewhere and I mean something
8. You were a swimmer
9. Nobody wants to be sometimes
10. When I reach the ocean I am no longer a
great blue heron but a large albatross

Release Date: 2010
EditDance with u (EP)
1. Get married~
2. Everyone u love is dead
3. Horror
4. Ive never been this happy b4
5. Slut

Release Date: 2010


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