Comet Gain

EditHowl of the Lonely Crowd (LP)
1. Clang Of The Concrete Swans
2. The Weekend Dreams
3. An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls
4. She Had Daydreams
5. Working Circle Explosive!
6. Yoona Baines
7. Herbert Huncke Prt 2
8. After Midnite, After Its All Gone Wrong
9. A Memorial For Nobody I Know
10. Ballad Of Frankie Machine
11. Some Of Us Don't Want To Be Saved
12. Thee Ecstatic Library
13. In A Lonely Place

Release Date: 2011
EditCity Fallen Leaves (LP)
1. The Fists In The Pocket
2. Days I Forgot To Write Down
3. Daydream Scars
4. Bored Roar
5. Seven Sisters To Silverlake
6. This English Melancholy
7. The Punk Got Fucked
8. The Story Of The Vivian Girls
9. Just One More Summer Before I Go
10. Draw A Smile Upon An Egg
11. Fingernailed For You
12. Your Robert!
13. Gone Before We Open Our Eyes
14. Right Now? No
15. The Ballad Of A Mix Tape

Release Date: 2005
EditComet Gain (LP)
1. The Kids at the Club
2. Why I Try to Look So Bad
3. I Close My Eyes to Think of God
4. My Defiance
5. Carry on Living
6. Moments in the Snow
7. Ripped-Up Suit!
8. She Never Understood
9. Movies
10. Labour
11. Don't Fall in Love if You Want to Die in Peace
12. RĂ©alistes

Release Date: 2002
EditTigertown Pictures (LP)
1. Record Collection
2. Skinny Wolves
3. Jack Nance Rising
4. Deficient Love
5. Germ of Youth, Ghosts of Sulphate
6. Radar
7. Transmission Lost
8. Hate Soul
9. When You Come Back I'll Feel Like Jesus
10. Dreaming of Tigertown
11. Saturday Night Facts of Life
12. The Ballad of the Arms of Cable Hogue
13. Jasper Johns
14. The Final Anesthetic

Release Date: 1999
EditMagnetic Poetry (LP)
1. Strength
2. Raspberries
3. Language Of The Spy
4. Steps To The Sea
5. These Are The Dreams Of The Working Girl
6. Pier Angeli
7. Final Horses
8. Tighten Up

Release Date: 1997
EditCasino Classics (LP)
1. Footstompers
2. A Million and Nine
3. Turnpike
4. Last Night
5. Original Arrogance
6. Another Girl
7. Music Upstairs
8. Villian
9. Stay With Me Til Morning
10. Charlie
11. Just Fourteen
12. Ghost of the Roman Empire
13. Intergalactic Starbed
14. Chevron Action Flash

Release Date: 1995


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