Steve Roden

EditBerlin Fields (LP)
1. Berlin Fields 41:06

Release Date: 03/16/2012
EditA Big Circle Drawn With Little Hands (LP)
1. Sixteen Hand Waiting for Rain
2. Two Hands Submerged in Water
3. Sparks From One Hand on Fire
4. Two Hands Behind Glass
5. One Hand Pressing a Pencil Against a Tree
6. Forty Hands in Anticipation of a Word

Release Date: 01/01/2012
EditStars of Ice (LP)
1. Stars of Ice

Release Date: 2008
EditVester Fields (EP)
1. Vester Fields

Release Date: 2008
EditA Slow Moving Boat (EP)
1. A Slow Moving Boat

Release Date: 2008
EditA Christmas Play For Joseph Cornell (LP)
1. A Christmas Play For Joseph Cornell

Release Date: 2007
EditDark Over Light Earth (LP)
1. Dark Over Light Earth

Release Date: 2007
EditAirforms (LP)
1. Airforms

Release Date: 2005
EditOder Delias or Butterflies (LP)
1. Oder Delias or Butterflies

Release Date: 2005
EditLight Forms (LP)

Release Date: 2003
EditResonant Cities (LP)
1. Resonant Cities

Release Date: 2003
EditSpeak No More About the Leaves (LP)
1. Airria (Hanging Garden)
2. Speak No More About the Leaves
3. Airria (Hanging Garden) Second Version

Release Date: 2003
EditThree Roots Carved to Look Like Stones (LP)
01. 8 Breaths of Different Lengths.
02. Hand Moving. Slowly. (Replication of a Field Recording).
03. Air Chamber with 4 Holes.

Release Date: 2003
EditWinter Couplet (LP)
1. Winter Couplet

Release Date: 2002
EditForms of Paper (LP)
1 Forms of Paper

Release Date: 2001
EditSchindler House (LP)
01. garden (man trembles facing the universe)

02. a quiet flexible background for a
harmonious life 17:30

03. pathway (it was a lovely sight against the
sky) + 4' 33" 36:30

Release Date: 2001
EditFour Possible Landscapes (LP)
1. Jellyfish So Like the Moon (Second Bench)
2. Star Cluster (First Bench)
3. Resonantlightones
4. Reflection. Refraction. (Third Bench)

Release Date: 2000
EditTranslations and Articulations (LP)

Release Date: 1999
EditView (LP)

Release Date: 1999
EditCrop Circles (LP)
1. Crop Circles

Release Date: 1998
EditTransmissions (Voices of Objects and Skies) (LP)

Release Date:
EditEar(th) (With Ann Polsenberg) (LP)
1. Ear(th) 61:34

Release Date:


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