EditGoats Brew Alcolust (LP)
1.Goat Supremacy (Outro)
2.Chainsaws Goatfuck
3.Alcohol Flowing Cunt
4.Goat Evoke Masochism
5.Masturbate Thy Organ
6.Little Rascal Day Care
7.Seventh Curse of Hell
8.Sadogrind Matic (Intro)
9.Laceration and Cuntshred
10.Goatoprosperational Acid
11.Spermatic Electrolyse
12.Caught Sucking Christ
13.Masomythical Sexcraft
14.Molestation Temple
15.The Goats Brew (Intro)

Release Date: 2011
EditGoatblood Panspermia (LP)
1.Goat Cult Intro (Outro)
2.Sacred Entity of Beheritual
3.Nuns Ingesting Sperm
4.Crawling Nuclear Chaos
5.Goatblood Panspermia
6.Goatzone Massacre (1944)
7.World In Necroleidoscope
8.Bleeding In Eternal Pentagrams
9.The Whisperer In Darkness (Outro)
10.Morbid Cunt (Part Goat)
11.Jaws of the Mighty Cthulhu
12.Aeons Down Below
13.Maggots Erupted From Goats Rectum
14.Satanic War Engine
15.Entry of Sadomators Organ
16.Sudden Eruption (Intro)

Release Date: 2010
EditSadomatic Goat Cult (LP)
1.Sadomator Goat (Outro)
2.Incest and Brutality
3.Urine Injected In Cunt
4.Sadomatic Goat Cult
5.Baphomet's Vomit
6.A Thousand Young
7.Nuclear Paradise
8.Hitler's Brain (Intro)
9.Ripped by the Goat (Outro)
10.Emetic Womb of Christ
11.Sexual Metalcoholocaust
12.Phosphorous Heavenly Grace
13.Phallus Goat Hammer
14.Goat Storm Capristallation
15.The Morbid Savouring
16.Into Mental Goatifixion

Release Date: 2006


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