EditJAPSHITFUN Presents... Timeless Classics (LP)
1 love-ah yu
2 love-ah yuu
3 love-ah yuuu
4 love-ah yuuuu
5 love-ah yuuuuu
6 love-ah yuuuuuu
7 love-ah yuuuuuuu
8 love-ah yuuuuuuuu
9 love-ah yuuuuuuuuu
10 love-ah yuuuuuuuuuu
11 love-ah yuuuuuuuuuuu

Release Date: 2010
EditLolicore Ruined My Life (LP)
1 12 year old scene bitch squating on
my 3 inch dick
2 ''all tracks conveniently just over
30 seconds for maximum scrobblage.''
3 forcing toromi at gun point to shit
on my tits
4 why did you download this lol
5 i ran out of ideas on the first
6 playground polaroids
7 the novelty wears off after this
8 goreshit is dead because i injected
my seman into his cunt
9 lol these song titles are gay
10 year old loli on vhs
11 lolishit is a scene faggot
12 goreshit sucks dick
13 fainaru 3 needs to get his own ideas
and stop stealing mine
14 shimau is a yellow gook faggot
15 loliripe is a dirty swedish faggot
16 dont call yourself an otaku if you
have real life friends, kid
17 if someone finds this child porn
folder in system32 i am fucking dead
18 putting all my lolicon on my usb
stick so i can flush it down the toilet if
the police come
19 stalking a japanese school girl then
forcing her to piss
20 are you still listening to this shit
21 the thing is, i have never actually
seen an episode of lucky star lol
22 i would amputate my legs to be with
these girls
23 self inflicted cuts to prove my love
for you
24 team fortress 2 furry server is gay
25 everyone on 4chan is a fake
26 going to africa as a christian aid
worker and raping the poor black kids
27 adding a distorted gabba kick to a
song and calling it a remix
28 speeding up someone elses track and
calling it a remix
29 crying myself to sleep at night
wishing i could experience japanese school
30 every song sounds the same lol
31 lolis luv breakdowns
32 lol michael jackson died because i
fucked his dick with my cock
33 my dick up your 4 year old daughters
cunt is moe xD
34 grooming young children over
35 crank dat peter pan
36 i bet you cant listen to all of this
37 magic unicorn forest
38 suicidecore
39 punching your girlfriend as hard as
you can in the face then saying i love you
40 fucking a girl in the the pussy then
taking a huge piss in her pussy and saying
''i came''
41 trailer trash lolis
42 sucker punchin' a loli in the jaw
from behind for the ''lulz''
43 this is our little secret
44 she told me she was 4
45 if you are still listening
46 if she crys when you fuck her up the
ass hit her harder
47 i havent left my bed room for 4 days
48 its over, you win.

Release Date: 2009
1 かわいい DESU mix
2 KA WA EE ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
3 14 Loli GANGBANG
4 Lucky Star 兼バット Fuck
5 アシ Lolita
6 Otaku Violently Masturbating To
7 ;3
8 loli強姦.exe
9 Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun
10 Ichigoichie Koibana Tomobana 真一
11 Gaping Loli Asshole
14 Making Hentai Cum Dungeon Look Like
15 Making Loli Ripe Look Like RedSK
16 Yaoi Hentai Boy
17 Sticking My Bulging Cock Inside A
Gaping Asshole ♡
19 Danbo & Yotsuba
20 Minorin Daily Dose! ^_^
21 河合 Iro Hanihoheto 河合
23 二二二二二二二二二二二
24 Lolita Love
25 Loli Rape Dungeon
26 Bubblegum Crisis 冷涼; 冷静
27 Sakura XX (NEW MIX)
28 Loli Pictures Hidden In System32
29 ♡Binbou Shimai Monogatari♡
30 Shit Smeared Hentai Book
31 Importing A Hentai Dating Game From
Japan For $90
32 Drowning In Faggot Hentai Sperm

Release Date: 2009


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