EditEverything Wrong Is Imaginary (LP)
1. Black Carpet Magic
2. With Candy
3. A Diana's Diana
4. Knocked On the Fortune Teller's Door
5. Where the Night Goes
6. The Night Sun Over San Juan
7. Still in All the Glitter
8. Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
9. O.I.C.U.R.
10. Scott Free

Release Date: 2006
EditThe 3 Way (LP)

Release Date: 1999
EditBetter Can't Make Your Life Better (LP)

Release Date: 1996
EditEccsame The Photon Band (LP)
1. High Writer at Home
2. (untitled)
3. Day of the Monkey
4. FBI and Their Toronto Transmitters
5. (untitled)
6. The Turtle Which Died Before Knowing
7. The Hermit Crab
8. (untitled)
9. Overlit Canyon (The Obscured Wingtip Memoir)
10. Hubble
11. Kodiak (Reprise)
12. Radiotricity
13. Your Guest and Host
14. (untitled)

Release Date: 1994
EditA Brief History of Amazing Letdowns (EP)

Release Date: 1994
EditTone Bender (EP)
1 Tone Bender
2 Eskimo
3 February Fourteenth
4 Threw A Day

Release Date: 1993
EditIn the Presence of Nothing (LP)
1. There's No Such Thing As BlackvOrchids
2. Elizabeth Colour Wheel
3. Collider
4. Tone Bender
5. Periscope
6. It Does Nothing For Me
7. Snowblinder
8. The Way Snowflakes Fall
9. Threw A Day
10.Claire Hates Me

Release Date: 1992


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