Jello Biafra

EditMachine Gun in the Clown's Hand (LP)
1. Miscue 911
2. United We Scam
3. Flogging the Infidels
4. Honey, I Blew Up the World
5. The Big Ka-Boom
6. Pied Piper And The Damage Done
7. Truth Is Stranger Than Hype
8. The Terror of Tinytown
9. Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand
10. The Great Betrayal
11. The Martyr That Would Not Die
12. Propane and Propane Accessories
13. Faith Based Initiatives
14. Fight Terror - Resist Corporations
15. Be Patriotic - Fight the Government
16. Beat Around the Burning Bush
17. Fight Crime - Make Mischief
18. Cowboy Cornholio and the Sunshine State
19. ...And Gore Made Us Want to Ralph
20. The Rolling Blackout Revue
21. 12 Steps to Corporate-Free Sobriety
22. Joey Ramone

Release Date: 2002
EditBecome The Media (LP)
1. Intro: Gary Dugger
2. The Green Wedge
3. K.O. the W.T.O.
4. Hellburbia
5. Hack the Planet
6. World Bunk & International Monetary Fraud
7. Frankenfood Landscape: Where Are We Going?
8. Philadelphia Stories
9. If You Like Tipper, You'll Love...
10. Become the Media

Release Date: 2000
EditIf Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve (LP)
1. Depends on the Drug
2. Talk on the Death Penalty/When Psychopaths Guard the Henhouse
3. The Murder of Mumia Abu Jamal
4. Clinton Comes to Long Beach
5. The Hex-Files: Space Shuttle Sequels
6. Half-Time
7. The New Soviet Union
8. Talk on Censorship - It Takes a Pillage to Raze a Child/Talk on Censorship-The Contract on America
9. Talk on Censorship: Bridge to the New Dark Ages/Talk on Censorship: Which Way to the Zoo?
10. "ake Up and Smell the Noise

Release Date: 1998
EditI Blow Minds for a Living (LP)
1. Pledge Of Allegiance
2. Talk On Censorship-Let Us Prey
3. Die For Oil, Sucker (Higher Octane Version)
4. I Was a Teenage Pacifist
5. If Voting Changed Anything...
6. Running For Mayor
7. Grow More Pot
8. Lost Orgasm
9. Talk On Censorship: Better Living Through New World Orders
10. Talk On Censorship: Fear Of A Free Planet

Release Date: 1991
EditNo More Cocoons (LP)
1. "Message From Our Sponsor" - 2:58
2. "Soundbite - Jaw One / The Prosecutor Speaks" - 0:21
3. Mild Kingdom
4. Soundbite - Jaw Two
5. Vietnam Never Happened
6. What Reagan Didn't Know
7. May All Your Dreams Be Wonderful
8. Soundbite - Jaw Three
9. Urinalysis Is Freedom
10. Names For Bands (New Improved Version)
11. Talk On Censorship / Letter To Tipper Gore
12. Why I'm Glad The Space Shuttle Blew Up
13. Fuck Facts!
14. Stars & Stripes Of Corruption

Release Date:
EditHigh Priest of Harmful Matter (LP)
1. Intro - Love American Death Squad Style
2. Talk on Censorship
3. Tales From the Trial

Release Date:
EditBeyond the Valley of the Gift Police (LP)
1. Message to Our Sponsor
2. Experts
3. "Ban Everything
4. I Have a Dream
5. Talk On Censorship: President McMuffin Tightens The Screws/What We Are Not Being Told
6. Talk On Censorship: The Virtuecrats' Unreality/In The Belly Of The Wrong Beast
7. Eric Meets the Moose Diarrhea Salesman

Release Date:


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