MC Lars

EditRemixes & Rarities (Compilation)
1. Mild Boy
2. The Gospel of Hip-Hop (feat. KRS-One) [DJ
RoboRob Remix]
3. Nerds Give Nerdcore a Rad Name (feat.
Chris Ayer)
4. Hall Pass
5. Going Back to Brooklyn (Stereo Love
6. TiVo Ad Jingle
7. Turn Your Cell Phone Off
8. Everyone's A Little Bit Gay (Soul to
Squeeze version)
9. Wal-Mart Nation
10. Explain Capitalism to Me
11. Math the Band: Gettin' Pissed on the
Lorry (Hey Alright Remix)
12. O.G. Original Gamer (feat. MC Frontalot)
[K.Flay Remix]
13. Bring the 90s Back
14. Download this Song (Original Version with
Roomate From Hell beat)
15. Gopher Guts
16. White Kids Aren't America's Suiteharts
(Bar's Fall Out Boy Mashup)
17. Single & Famous (feat. K.Flay) [Kaleb's
Megaman Fauxami Mashup]
18. Test Icicles: Circle, Square, Triangle
(MC Lars Remix)
19. Flow Like Poe (Oh My Remix feat. MC Ohm-
20. Snows of Kilmanjaro (feat. Adam WarRock)
21. The Roommate from Hell (feat. mc chris)
[This Mix is Haunted Remix]
22. MC Lars Is Coming to Town (Vince Vandal

Release Date: 09/01/2013
EditThe Edgar Allan Poe EP (EP)
1. Flow Like Poe
2. The Tell-Tale

Release Date: 06/27/2012
EditGreatest Hits (Compilation)
1.Download This Song
2.Mr. Raven
3.Hipster Girl
4.Generic Crunk Rap
6.Lars Attacks!
7.This Gigantic Robot Kills
8.Summer Camp Love (Is So In Tents)
10.True Player For Real
11.Signing Emo
12.The Roommate From Hell
13.White Kids Aren't Hyphy
14.Hey There Ophelia
15.Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock

Release Date: 05/28/2012
EditThe Frosty the Flow Man EP (EP)
1. Frosty the Flow Man
2. Holiday Treats (feat. Adam WarRock)
3. How the Grinch Occupied Whoville
4. Puking On Thanksgiving
5. 2011 (Rolling Stone Subscription)
6. MC Lars is Coming to Town
7. A Song for Steve

Release Date: 2011
EditLars Attacks! (LP)
1.Going Back to Brooklyn
2.The Gospel of Hip-Hop
3.Lars Attacks!
4.History’s Greatest Assholes
5.Summer Camp Love (Is So in Tents)
6.Venomous Box Jellyfish
7.Judas Priest
8.How to Be an Indie Rapper
9.Mike Russo Cut Your Hair
10.Francis Bacon Slashed the Canvas
11.Super Scope
12.Art of Darkness
13.Make a Friend on 27th Street
14.The Giving Tree
15.Annabel Lee R.I.P.

Release Date: 2011
EditIndie Rocket Science (Compilation)
1. Deangelo Vickers
2. What Is Hip-Hop? (Featuring KRS-One, Rittz
and MC Chris)
3. Black And Yellow T-Shirts (Featuring MC
4. Lars Attacks!
5. Twenty-Three (2011 Remix Featuring Weerd
6. Annabel Lee R.I.P.
7. Distant Planet (The Roswell Incident)
8. Me and the Mouse (Featuring Random)
9. Male Feminist (featuring Mazeman)
10. By the Time I Get Shot Up in Arizona
(featuring Sole)
11. Industry 1-8-7 (featuring Weerd Science)
12. Paul and Phl Are Friends (featuring Nick
13. Lord of the Fries
14. The Alien Song (featuring Kosha Dillz,
Geo of the Blue Scholars and Homeboy Sandman)
15. Living in the Future 2.5 (featuring Akira
the Don, Big Narstie, Eddie Argos and
Scroobius Pip)
16. Soledad (featuring MC Bob Nielsen)
17. #busbros (featuring Grieves)
18. Art of Darkness (featuring Sage Francis)

Release Date: 2011
Edit21 Concepts (But a Hit Ain't One) (Compilation)
1. Child's Play (feat. Beefy)
2. Scientology=WTF?
3. Schvensen Fitzlogik (HardNox feat. MC
4. Single and Famous (feat. K.Flay)
5. Reaping Beauty (feat. Beefy, MegaRan, Tina
Root and SMP)
6. The Lint Song
7. Gary the Green-Nosed Reindeer
8. My Biochemical Terrorist Romance
9. Everyone's A Little Bit Gay
10. Hot Girls Make Guys Do Really Stupid
11. Lolita
12. Buddhism for Dummies
13. That's CPR
14. Geeked Out
15. The Bonus Track for Japan (feat. Ashley
16. Something Wicca This Way Comes
17. It's a Latin Thing
18. Missing White Girl Syndrome
19. Rockstar
20. Cry Tonight (feat. Hearts that Hate)
21. Nerdcore Died (feat. MegaRan)

Release Date: 2011
EditThis Gigantic Robot Kills (LP)
1. "Where Ya Been Lars?"
2. "True Player for Real" (featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic & Wheatus)
3. "Hipster Girl"
4. "It's Not Easy (Being Green)" (featuring Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan)
5. "This Gigantic Robot Kills" (featuring Suburban Legends and the MC Bat Commander)
6. "No Logo" (featuring Jesse Dangerously)
7. "35 Laurel Drive"
8. "Twenty-Three"
9. "Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn't Make You Slash)" (featuring Parry Gripp and Paul Gilbert)
10. "O.G. Original Gamer" (featuring MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton)
11. "We Have Arrived" (featuring K.Flay, YTCracker and the Former Fat Boys)
12. "White Kids Aren't Hyphy"
13. "Hey There Ophelia" (featuring Gabe Saporta and Brett Anderson)
14. "(Lord It's Hard to be Happy When You're Not) Using the Metric System" (featuring Worm Quartet)

Release Date: 2009
EditThe Green Christmas EP (EP)
1. I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas (feat.
Jaret Reddick)
2. Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero
Doesn't Make You Slash) [feat. Paul Gilbert and
Parry Gripp]
3. Shorty Wanna Spend My Stimulus Check
4. I Want My Guns N' Roses

Release Date: 2008
EditThe Graduate (LP)
1. Download This Song (Ft. Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup)
2. Roommate From Hell
3. 21 Concepts
4. Hot Topic Is NOT Punk Rock (Ft. The Matches)
5. Rapgirl
6. Generic Crunk Rap
7. Ahab
8. iGeneration
9. If I Had A Time Machine That Would Be Fresh
10. Internet Relationships
11. Space Game
12. Dialogue (ft. Ill Bill)
13. Six Degrees Of Kurt Cobain
14. Signing Emo

Release Date: 2006
EditRadio Pet Fencing (LP)
1. Hey That's Me
2. Yes I Am an Alien
3. Atom You're Awesome
4. Certified
5. Mr. Wormsly's Addiction
6. The Séance at Harpers Ferry
7. My Rhymes Rhyme
8. Rapbeth (Foul is Fair)
9. Make Way for Ducklings
10. Humphrey the Whale
11. Sarah
12. Escape From Robot Island

Release Date: 2004
EditThe Laptop EP (EP)
1. iGeneration
2. UK Visa Versa
3. Hurricane Fresh
4. Signing Emo
5. Stat-60
6. Straight Outta Stockholm
7. Mr. Raven

Release Date: 2004


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