EditRestart (LP)
1."That's How You Change the World"
3."Love Like I Mean It"
4."Live with Abandon"
5."Go Glow"
6."That Home"
8."Fishers of Men"
9."One Word"
11."We Believe"

Release Date: 09/10/2013
EditGod's Not Dead (LP)
1. The King is Coming
2. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)
3. Your Love Never Fails
4. Here We Stand
5. Savior of the World
6. Forever Reign
7. More Than Enough
8. Revelation Song
9. Pouring It Our for You
10. Mighty to Save
11. All the Way
12. I Am Second

Release Date: 2011
EditBorn Again (LP)
1. Born Again
2. One Shot
3. Way Beyond Myself
4. Impossible
5. When the Boys Light Up
6. Build Us Back
7. Escape
8. Miracles
9. Running to You
10. On Your Knees
11. Mighty to Save
12. Jesus Freak

[iTunes Deluxe]
13. We Remember
14. Give Me to You
15. I'll Be
16. Glorious (Tait Version)

Release Date: 2010
EditBorn Again (Miracles Edition) (Compilation)
1. Born Again
2. One Shot
3. Way Beyond Myself
4. Save Your Life
5. Impossible
6. When the Boys Light Up
7. Build Us Back
8. Escape
9. Miracles
10. Running to You
11. On Your Knees
12. Mighty to Save
13. Jesus Freak (Featuring KJ-52)
14. We Remember (Featuring Israel Houghton)
15. I'll Be
16. Give Me to You
17. Glorious (Tait Version)
18. Born Again (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
19. Miracles (Mega is a Gang Remix)
20. Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Remix)
21. Mighty to Save (Family Force 5 Remix)

Release Date: 2010
EditGreatest Hits (LP)
I Fought The La... (NEW)
Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
Something Beautiful
In The Belly Of The Whale
He Reigns
Wherever We Go
Take Me To Your Leader
Stay Strong (NEW)
Entertaining Angels
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
Real Good Thing
Spirit Thing
It Is You
I'm Not Ashamed

Release Date: 2007
EditGo (LP)
Wherever We Go
Something Beautiful
The Mission
Let It all Come Out
In Wonder
Your Love Is Better Than Life
I Am Free
Secret Kingdom
The Letter
Gonna Be Alright

Release Date: 2006
EditHigh Reigns: The Worship collection (Compilation)
It Is You
He Reigns
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
Presence (My Heart's Desire)
Blessed Be Your Name
Beautiful Sound
In Christ Alone (My Hope Is Found) (Adoration Album Version)
Strong Tower
Lord (I Don't Know) (Thrive Album Version)
God Of Nations

Release Date: 2005
EditDevotion (LP)
I Love Your Ways
Presence (My Heart's Desire)
Strong Tower
God Of All Nations
Blessed Be Your Name (w/ Rebecca St. James)
The Orphan
Landslide Of Love
Name Above All Names
When The Tears Fall

Release Date: 2004
EditAdoration: The Worsip Album (LP)
1. He Reigns
2. You Are My King
3. Great Is Your Faithfulness
4. Take My Hands
5. Adoration
6. In Christ Alone
7. Lord I Don't Know [Live]
8. it Is You [Live]
9. Father, Blessed Father
10. Hallelujah

Release Date: 2003
EditThrive (LP)
1. Giving It Over
2. Live In Stereo
3. Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
4. Thrive
5. It Is You
6. Rescue
7. Cornelius
8. Fad Of The Land, The
9. John Woo
10. Lord (I Don't Know)

Release Date: 2002
EditShine: The Hits (Compilation)
1. Shine
2. Not Ashamed
3. Breakfast
4. Reality
5. Take Me To Your Leader
6. Joy
7. Entertaining Angels
8. Praises
9. Spirit Thing
10. Woohoo
11. Step Up to the Microphone
12. God is Not a Secret (Featuring Toby Mac)
13. Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
14. Who?
15. Believe
16. I Got Your Number
17. Mega-Mix

Release Date: 2000
EditLove Liberty Disco (LP)
1. Beautiful Sound
2. Love Liberty Disco
3. Forever Man
4. Good Stuff
5. Everyone's Someone
6. You Say You Need Love
7. I Would Give Everything
8. Break
9. I Surrender All
10. Fall on You

Release Date: 1999
EditStep up to the Microphone (LP)
1. WooHoo
2. Step up to the Microphone
3. Entertaining Angels
4. Believe
5. Tunin' In
6. Let the Truth Be Known (Everybody Gets a Shot)
7. Deep End
8. Hallelujah
9. The Tide
10. Always

Release Date: 1998
EditTake Me To Your Leader (LP)
1. God Is Not a Secret
2. Take Me To Your Leader
3. Breathe
4. Reality
5. Breakfast
6. Let It Go
7. Cup O' Tea
8. It's All Who You Know
9. Miracle Child
10. Lost the Plot
11. Breathe (Benediction)

Release Date: 1996
EditNot Ashamed (LP)
1. I Cannot Get You Out of My System
2. Not Ashamed
3. Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
4. Upon This Rock
5. Strong Love
6. Dear Shame
7. Boycott Hell
8. We Come Together
9. Love Comes True
10. Lost the Sky Again

Release Date: 1995
EditGoing Public (LP)
1. Real Good Thing
2. Shine
3. Spirit Thing
4. Let It Rain
5. Going Public
6. Truth And Consequences
7. Lights Out
8. Be Still
9. When You Called My Name
10. Elle G.

Release Date: 1994


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