Ren and Stimpy

EditRadio Daze (LP)
"I Wanna Be a DJ"
"Caller #5"
"King of the Airwaves"
"Is Anyone Out There"
"On the Road"
"Any Freeway You Take"
"Hard Time"
"Powdered Toastman"
"In Hollywood"
"Take a Walk on the Muddy Side"
"Dead End Job"
"Stuck With You"

Release Date: 1995
EditCrock O' Christmas (LP)
1. Fleck The Walls
2. Cat Hairballs
3. We Wish You A Hairy Chestwig
4. It's a Wizzleteats Kind of Christmas
5. We're Going Shopping
6. Yak Shaving Day
7. What is Christmas?
8. Cobb To The World
9. Happy Holiday Hop
10. I Hate Christmas
11. The Twelve Days of Yaksmas
12. Decorate Yourself

Release Date: 1993
EditYou Eediot! (LP)
1. Overture
2. Dog Pound Hop
3. Mudskipper Theme
4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
5. Fire Dogs
6. Better Than No One
7. Nose Goblins
8. Smokin'
9. Log Blues / Log Theme
10. Captain's Log / Space Madness
11. Sven Theme
12. Sven Blues
13. Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence
14. Ren's Pecs
15. I'm Gonna Be A Monkey
16. Filthy's Dance
17. Jungle Boogie
18. Dizzy Monkees
19. Kilted Yaksman Anthem
20. Underture
21. Big House Blues

Release Date: 1993


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