Brendon Small

EditGalaktikon (LP)
1. Triton
2. Prophecy of the Lazer Witch
3. Beastblade
4. Deathwaltz
5. Truth Orb and the Kill Pool
6. You Can't Run Away
7. Arena War of the Immortal Masters
8. Dangertits (Instrumental)
9. On My Way

Release Date: 04/30/2012
EditHome Movies: Bonus CD (LP)
01 Season One Opening & Closing Theme (from
various episodes)
02 Franz Kafka! Intro (from Directors Cut)
03 Turnin' Into A Bug (from Directors Cut)
04 Livin' Like A Bug Ain't Easy (from
Directors Cut)
05 Franz Kafka! Finale (from Directors Cut)
06 Louis Louis Rap (from Directors Cut)
07 Don't Put Marbles In Your Nose (from
Mortgages And Marbles)
08 Don't Kill Children (from Law and Boarder)
09 Season One Act 2 Theme (from various
10 Season Two Opening Theme (from various
11 Crazy Legs (from Hiatus)
12 Crazy Legs Ballad (from Hiatus)
13 Jason's Theme (first appeared in Hiatus)
14 Jazz Fight (from Hiatus)
15 The Birthday Song (from The Party)
16 Sunset Theme (first appeared in The Party)
17 Alone (from Impressions)
18 President King's Theme (from Therapy)
19 Starboy & The Captain Of Outer Space (from
20 The Compliments Song (from History)
21 Hot Dog Music (first appeared in History)
22 Victory (from History)
23 Mr. Pants (from History)
24 Bad Coffee (from Pizza Club)
25 Duanetastic (from Pizza Club)
26 Duane Outro (from Pizza Club)
27 Landstander Theme (from The Wedding)
28 El Escapo (from Shore Leave)
29 No Skin Off My Ass (from Improving Your
Life Through Improv)
30 The Ballad of King Author and Robin Hood
[Medley] (from Renaissance)
31 Duane's Practice (from Guitarmegeddon)
32 Jimmy's Big Solo (from Guitarmegeddon)
33 Duane's Big Solo (from Guitarmegeddon)
34 Trust Yourself (from Broken Dreams)
35 We Are Artists (from Stow Away)
36 Coffins + Cradles Theme (from Coffins &
37 Welcome 2 Hell (from Camp)
38 Bye Bye Greasy [Medley] (from Bye Bye
39 I'll Race! (Reprise) (from Bye Bye Greasy)
40 Septopus Theme (from The Heart Smashers)
41 Heart Smashers Theme (from The Heart
42 The Wizard's Baker Rock Opera [Medley]
(from The Wizard's Baker)
43 I'm A Kid Again (from The Wizard's Baker)
44 Psycho-Delicate [Medley] (from Psycho-
45 Dog Training Montage (from *** Magoo
46 Brendon Steals the Test (from Those
B*tches Tried to Cheat Me)
47 Brendon Cheats (from Those B*tches Tried
to Cheat Me)
48 Bagpipes (from Cho & The Adventures Of Amy
49 Ping Pong & Too Koo (from Temporary
50 Timmy! [Medley] (from Temporary Blindness)
51 Brendon's Camera (from Focus Grill)
52 Season Two Closing Theme (from various

Release Date: 2006


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