John Hiatt

EditTerms Of My Surrender (LP)

Release Date: 2014
EditMystic Pinball (LP)
1. We’re Alright Now
2. Bite Marks
3. It All Comes Back Someday
4. Wood Chipper
5. My Business
6. I Just Don’t Know What to Say
7. I Know How to Lose You
8. You’re All the Reason I Need
9. One of Them Damn Days
10. No Wicked Grin
11. Give It Up
12. Blues Can’t Even Find Me

Release Date: 09/25/2012
EditDirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns (LP)
1. Damn This Town
2. 'Til I Get My Lovin' Back
3. I Love That Girl
4. All The Way Under
5. Don't Wanna Leave You Now
6. Detroit Made
7. Hold On For Your Love
8. Train To Birmingham
9. Down Around My Place
10. Adios To California
11. When New York Had Her Heart Broke

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Open Road (LP)

Release Date: 2010
EditSame Old Man (LP)

Release Date: 2008
EditMaster Of Disaster (LP)

Release Date: 2005
EditThe Tiki Bar Is Open (LP)
1. Everybody Went Low
2. Hangin' Round Here
3. All The Lilacs In Ohio
4. My Old Friend
5. I Know A Place
6. Something Broken
7. Rock Of Your Love
8. I'll Never Get Over You
9. The Tiki Bar Is Open
10. Come Home To You
11. Farther Stars

Release Date: 2001
EditCrossing Muddy Waters (LP)
1. Lincoln Town
2. Crossing Muddy Waters
3. What Do We Do Now
4. Only The Song Survives
5. Lift Up Every Stone
6. Take It Down
7. Gone
8. Take It Back
9. Mr. Stanley
10. God's Golden Eyes
11. Before I Go

Release Date: 2000
EditWalk On (LP)
1. Cry Love
2. You Must Go
3. Walk On
4. Good As She Could Be
5. River Knows Your Name
6. Native Son
7. Dust Down A Country Road
8. Ethylene
9. I Can't Wait
10. Shredding The Document
11. Wrote It Down & Burned It
12. Your Love Is My Rest
13. Friend Of Mine
14. Mile High

Release Date: 1995
EditPerfectly Good Guitar (LP)

Release Date: 1993
EditStolen Moments (LP)
1. Real Fine Love
2. Seven Little Indians
3. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
4. Back Of My Mind
5. Stolen Moments
6. Bring Back Your Love To Me
7. The Rest Of The Dream
8. Thirty Years Of Tears
9. Rock Back Billy
10. Listening To Old Voices
11. Through Your Hands
12. One Kiss

Release Date: 1990
EditSlow Turning (LP)

Release Date: 1988
EditBring The Family (LP)

Release Date: 1987
EditRiding With The King (LP)
1. I Don't Even Try
2. Death By Misadventure
3. Girl On A String
4. Lovers Will
5. She Loves The Jerk
6. Say It With Flowers
7. Riding With The King
8. You May Already Be A Winner
9. Love Like Blood
10. The Love That Harms
11. Book Lovers
12. Falling Up

Release Date: 1983
EditTwo Bit Monsters (LP)
1. Back to Normal
2. Down in Front
3. I Spy (For the FBI)
4. Pink Bedroom
5. Good Girl, Bad World
6. Face the Nation
7. Cop Party
8. Back to the War
9. It Hasn't Happened Yet
10. String Pull Job
11. New Numbers

Release Date: 1980


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