Zoviet France

EditWhat Is Not True (LP)
1. Public Service Announcement [Nottingham, England, 30 March 1993] 15:05
2. Not Just What to Say [Nottingham, England, 30 March 1993] 4:08
3. Cyclonic Sub Alien [Sheffield, England, 29 March 1993] 52:34

Release Date: 1993
EditShadow, Thief of the Sun (LP)
1. The Silver Gate 1:03
2. In My Secrecy I Was Real 8:14
3. Feel the Warmth 3:48
4. This Moment Obscure 8:06
5. A Democratic Smirk 3:05
6. Come Infinite 20:46
7. Thin Air 8:15
8. Cahl-yn-yan 5:35
9. Static Fields 7:08
10. Ciels tenebreuse 5:01

Release Date: 1991
EditLook Into Me (LP)
1. Cair Camouflet 24:19
2. Levenswitch 2:30
3. At the Moment 2:08
4. Fidgety Foot 1:40
5. Low Creeper 3:54
6. Second Sight 4:17
7. Deekintaemae 1:27
8. Kess Saffer Plaint 2:25
9. Melangell 3:08
10. Look Into Me 1:55
11. Scatter 3:20
12. Kinto-Me 3:00
13. Amadan 3:15
14. Surge 1:40

Release Date: 1990
EditA Flock of Rotations (LP)
A1. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. IO!
A2. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. Drive
A3. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. Skritha
A4. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. Slide
A5. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. Drifan
A6. Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin. Mandrel
B1. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Skratte
B2. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Irken
B3. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Ions Collis
B4. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Luh
B5. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Luh Windan
B6. Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks. Dream Hole

Release Date: 1987
EditLoh Land (LP)
A1. East Taunts West
A2. Scacen
A3. Notochord
A4. Har Hou
A5. Notochord
A6. Shamble
A7. Gygr Carlin
A8. Al 'Ud
A9. Dust Deofol
A10. Nostalgie de la Boue
A11. Trom Eldr
A12. Vlaag
B1. Reson Deaw Gwalch
B2. Lang Mark
B3. Film - Perversion of Magnitudes
B4. Film - Flicorian
B5. Vlaag Morgen
B6. Gathering Nostoc

Release Date: 1987
EditShouting at the Ground (LP)
1. Smocking Erde 2:53
2. Palace of Ignitions 2:13
3. Come to the Edge 8:48
4. Revenue of Fire 2:06
5. Dybbuk 1:25
6. Camino Real 1:50
7. Stocc Blawers 2:21
8. Fickle Whistle, Hand Over Your Ears 3:30
9. Carole the Breedbate 1:51
10. Marrch Dynamic 2:47
11. Wind Thief 1:31
12. Shamany Enfluence 20:55
13. The Death of Trees 15:06

Release Date: 1987
EditGesture Signal Threat (LP)
A1. Gote 6:57
A2. Blow 7:12
A3. Dhimmi 2:31
A4. Signal 1:15
A5. Bran 4:29
B1. Glisten 6:05
B2. Host 5:05
B3. Signal 2:56
B4. Signal 1:26
B5. Threat 6:09
B6. Signal 1:45

Release Date: 1986
EditMisfits, Loony Tunes and Squalid Criminals (LP)
A1. Signal
A2. Host / Blowing in the Instrument
A3. Signal
A4. Flote
B1. Signal
B2. Gesture, Signal, Threat
B3. Semasen
B4. Rattle Stick Cruss
B5. They're Eating the Passengers

Release Date: 1986
EditPopular Soviet Songs and Youth Music (LP)
A1 Tier of Veils
A2 Ram (Stains and Filth in the Convent AOUEI)
A3 Duir
A4 Zone
A5 Straif (La mére du bois) Z Estrif
A6 White Track (Fire Frost)
A7 Veil
A8 Pesach
A9 Decoy
A10 Yezidi

B1 добрый день (Yezidi Circle Trap)
B2 Signal
B3 Sidi
B4 Birch Brake
B5 Sein
B6 Spin (Hellisein)
B7 Tan-Tal
B8 Ma-Ja
B9 Whip
B10 Veil
B11 Fearn

C1 Burning Bush (Beak and Snout)
C2 Sidhe (Riuben)
C3 Marsh
C4 Swine
C5 Marsh
C6 Signal (Circe)
C7 Migration
C8 Burning Bush
C9 Sheol
D1 Veil (Sloe Semen)
D2 Signal (Charm)
D3 Chirm Ela
D4 Chirm Geis
D5 Chirm Aliso
D6 Shewel
D7 Yezidi (Say)

Release Date: 1985
EditEostre (LP)
A1. Shout the Storm
A2. Cirice
B1. Hymen
B2. Gustr
B3. Kirke
C1. Pearroc
C2. Regn
C3. Bell
C4. Cad Goddeu
D1. Wajis
D2. Angelus
D3. Neptune

Release Date: 1984
EditMohnomishe (LP)
A1. [Untitled]
A2. [Untitled]

B1. [Untitled]
B2. [Untitled]
B3. [Untitled]

C. [Untitled]

D1. [Untitled]
D2. [Untitled]

Release Date: 1983
EditNorsch (LP)
A1. Norsch Tauss 7:10
A2. Norsch Baelmaen 8:17
B1. Norsch Virang 2:57
B2. Norsch Imirsch 3:52
B3. Norsch Vorvah 3:42

Release Date: 1983
EditGarista (LP)
A1. Scrama Mdags
A2. Mosbas
A3. Mama Piss
A4. Nruknesh
A5. Caarcuraz
B1. M1 M1 M1
B2. Rangmabasm

Release Date: 1982
EditUntitled (aka Hessian) (LP)
A1. Ritual
A2. Mudbast Boys
B1. Sem Boys
B2. Bring Hessa
B3. Mounw
B4. Ji Boys

Release Date: 1982
EditJust an Illusion (LP)
1. Lief Lulla
2. Nachtmaal
3. Wood Shock
4. Nature but Not
5. Obscurity on the Line
6. Ascend a Fall
7. Caught in the Square
8. Rays Parallel
9. Swelled Out Downward
10. Signing Papal Briefs
11. Is It?
12. Mute Moon
13. Suspicious Stare
14. Lief Kirn

Release Date:


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