Charles Mingus

EditCornell 1964 with Eric Dolphy (Live Album)
Disc 1
1. Opening
2. ATFW You
3. Sophisticated Lady
4. Fables of Faubus
5. Orange was the Colour of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk
6. Take The "A" Train

Disc 2
1. Meditations
2. So Long Eric
3. When Irish Eyes are Smiling
4. Jitterbug Waltz

Release Date: 2007
EditTake the 'A' Train (Compilation)

Release Date: 2006
EditIntroducing Charles Mingus (Compilation)

Release Date: 2006
EditKen Burns Jazz: Charles Mingus (Compilation)
1. Haitian Fight Song
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
3. Better Get It In Your Soul
4. Original Faubus Fables
5. Peggy's Blue Skylight
6. Eat That Chicken
7. Solo Dancer
8. Mood Indigo
9. The Shoes Of The Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive
Ass Slippers

Release Date: 2000
EditFolk Forms (LP)
1. Better Get It In Your Soul
2. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
3. Folk Forms
4. Prayer For Passive Resistance
5. What Love
6. I'll Remember April

Release Date: 1998
EditEpitaph (EP)
mJHTFg ojfrllqfoqjk, [url=]jqdzyxhxasxf[/url], [link=]utjzecgdheoq[/link],

Release Date: 1985
EditThree or Four Shades of Blues (LP)
1. Better Git Hit in Your Soul
2. Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat
3. Noddin Ya Head Blues
4. Three or Four Shades of Blues
5. Nobody Knows

Release Date: 1977
EditMingus at Antibes (Live Album)
1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
2. Prayer for Passive Resistance
3. What Love?
4. I'll Remember April
5. Folk Forms I
6. Better Get Hit in Your Soul

Release Date: 1976
EditChanges 2 (LP)
Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi U.S.A." – 6:56
"Orange Was the Color of Her Dress, Then Silk
Blue" – 17:32
"Black Bats and Poles" – 6:22
"Duke Ellington's Sound of Love" (Alternate
Version) – 4:15
"For Harry Carney" – 7:59

Release Date: 1975
EditChanges 1 (LP)
"Remember Rockefeller at Attica" – 5:56
"Sue's Changes" – 17:04
"Devil Blues" – 9:24
"Duke Ellington's Sound of Love" – 12:04

Release Date: 1974
EditMingus At Carnegie Hall (Live Album)
1. C Jam Blues
2. Perdido

Release Date: 1974
EditMingus Moves (LP)
"Canon" – 5:28
"Opus 4" – 6:39
"Moves" (Doug Hammond) – 3:43
"Wee" (Denzil Best) – 8:57
"Flowers for a Lady" (George Adams)– 6:44
"Newcomer" (Don Pullen) – 7:13
"Opus 3" – 10:26
"Big Alice" (Pullen) – 5:44 (bonus track)
"The Call" – 7:13 (bonus track)

Release Date: 1973
EditLet My Children Hear Music (LP)
1. The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers
2. Adagio ma Non Troppo
3. Don't Be Afraid, the Clown's Afraid Too
4. Taurus in the Arena of Life
5. Hobo Ho
6 The Chill of Death
7. The I of Hurricane Sue

Release Date: 1972
EditThe Great Concert of Charles Mingus (Live Album)
Introduction and Presentation 1:35
So Long Eric (Part 1) [mislabeled as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Part 1)] 23:30
So Long Eric (Part 2) [mislabeled as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Part 2)] 5:40
Orange Was the Color of Her Dress 14:00
Parkeriana 23:00
Meditations on Integration 27:30
Fables of Faubus 17:20
Fables of Faubus (con't) 11:20
Sophisticated Lady 6:00

Release Date: 1970
EditMusic Written for Monterey 1965 (Live Album)
Opening Speech
"Meditation on Inner Peace Part I"
Speech Introducing Musicians
"Meditation on Inner Peace Part II"
"Once Upon a Time There Was a Holding
Corporation Called Old America" (1st false
Lecture to Band
"Once Upon a Time, There Was a Holding
Corporation Called Old America" (2nd false
"Ode to Bird and Dizzy"
Speech: Call Octet Back
"They Trespass the Land of Sacred Sioux"

Speech: Introduction to Hobart Dotson/"The
Arts of Tatum and Freddy Webster"
"Once Upon a Time, There Was a Holding
Corporation Called Old America"
Speech: Introduction to Lonnie Hillyer
"Twelfth Street Rag" (misidentified on album
as Muskrat Ramble
"Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too"
"Don't Let It Happen Here"

Release Date: 1965
EditMingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (LP)
1. II B.S.
2. I X Love
3. Celia
4. Mood Indigo
5. Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul
6. Theme for Lester Brown
7. Hora Decubitus
8. Freedom

Release Date: 1964
EditThe Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (LP)
1. Track A - Solo Dancer
2. Track B - Duet Solo Dancers
3. Track C - Group Dancers
4. Mode D - Trio and Group Dancers/Mode E - Single Solos and Group Dance/Mode F - Group and Solo Dance

Release Date: 1963
EditTijuana Moods (LP)

Release Date: 1962
EditOh Yeah (LP)
1. Hog Callin' Blues
2. Devil Woman
3. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am
4. Ecclusiastics
5. Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me
6. Eat That Chicken
7. Passions of a Man
8. 'Old' Blues for Walt's Torin
9. Peggy's Blue Skylight
10. Invisible Lady

Release Date: 1962
EditPresents Charles Mingus (LP)
1. Folk Forms No. 1
2. Original Faubus Fables
3. What Love
4. All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother

Release Date: 1961
EditBlues & Roots (LP)
A1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
A2. Cryin' Blues
A3. Moanin'
B1. Tensions
B2. My Jelly Roll Soul
B3. E's Flat Ah's Flat Too

Release Date: 1960
EditMingus Dynasty (LP)

Release Date: 1960
EditPre-Bird (LP)
1. Take The 'A' Train
2. Prayer For Passive Resistance
3. Eclipse
4. Mingus Fingus No. 2
5. Weird Nightmare
6. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
7. Bemoanable Lady
8. Half-Mast Inhibition

Release Date: 1960
EditMingus Ah Um (LP)
1. Better Git It In Your Soul
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
3. Boogie Stop Shuffle
4. Self-Portrait In Three Colors
5. Open Letter To Duke
6. Bird Calls
7. Fables Of Faubus
8. Pussy Cat Dues
9. Jelly Roll

Release Date: 1959
EditJazz Portraits: Mingus in Wonderland (Live Album)
1. Nostalgia in Times Square
2. I Can't Get Started
3. No Private Income Blues
4. Alice's Wonderland

Release Date: 1959
EditThe Clown (LP)
1. Haitian Fight Song
2. Blue Cee
3. Reincarnation of a Lovebird
4. The Clown
5. Passion Of Women
6. Tonight At Noon

Release Date: 1957
EditEast Coasting (LP)

Release Date: 1957
EditPithecanthropus Erectus (LP)
1. Pithecanthropus Erectus
2. A Foggy Day
3. Profile of Jackie
4. Love Chant

Release Date: 1956
EditMingus at the Bohemia (Live Album)
1. Jump Monk
2. Serenade in Blue
3. Percussion Discussion
4. Work Song
5. Septemberly
6. All Things You C#
7. Jump Monk [Alternate Take]
8. All Things You C# [Alternate Take]

Release Date: 1955
EditThe Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus (Compilation)
1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
2. Minor Intrusion
3. Stormy Weather
4. Four Hands
5. Thrice Upon a Theme
6. The Spur of the Moment

Release Date: 1955


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