Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

EditSongs 4 Hate & Devotion (LP)
1. Where I Stand On The Holy Mountain And
Pray 4 The War
2. A World Not So Beautiful [A Song 4 The
3. In My Little Black Dress
4. With Unspoken Pleasures [My Guardian
5. In Heaven, Only Abstinence Remains
6. Do Angels Never Cry, And Heaven Never
7. Lucifer In Love
8. Serpent · Dagger · Lion · Man
9. Long Knives, And Little Men
10. 4 1 4 1
11. I M B E C I L E, My Idiot Lover
12. If Christ Is The Answer, Then What Is The
13. A Song 4 Hate & Devotion

Release Date: 2010
EditDo Angels Never Cry, and Heaven Never Fall? (EP)

Release Date: 2010
EditO N A N I - [Practice Makes Perfect] (LP)
1. Glory To Thee, My Beloved Masturbator
2. [Remember] What You Sow Is What You Reap
3. Can You Hear The Devils Laughing? (Or Is
It Just Me)
4. The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive
5. Let Me Show You, All The Secrets Of The
Torture Garden
6. Too Late For Innocence, Too Late For
Regret (Four Hands Please Better Than Two)
7. Forgive Me, I Am Not Satan; I Am Mary Just
Like You
8. C U M, And Let Me Lead You Far Astray
9. Amore Rosso, Amore Marrone, Amore Nero (Il
Waltzer Del Lupo Mannaro)
10. I W I L L; Even After The Flowers Are
11. Confessions Of A Sinflower

Release Date: 2009
EditApocalips (LP)
1. (Mercury Rising) Seduced By The Kisses Of
Cinnabar Sweet
2. Lost Forever, In The Blitzkrieg Of Roses
3. Do Murder & Lust Make Me A Man?
4. Hear The Sound Of A Black Flame Rising
5. Sons & Daughters Of Lilith And Cain
6. Hell Is My Refuge - A Golden Dawn For A
Judas Kiss
7. I Think About Germany And The End Of The
8. Let The Words Of My Murder Be The Last
Words You Hear
9. When We Murdered The World On The
Fourteenth Of May
10. (Apocalips Kisses) In The Eyes Of The
Scarlet Ones
11. Can You See The Forest For The Trees?
12. She's In Love With A Whip - My Venus In
13. Who Stole The Sun From Its Place In My

Release Date: 2006
EditCocktails Carnage Crucifixion And Pornography (LP)
1. Cocktails Carnage Crucifixion And
Pornography Anthem - Intro
2. Sheep For A Lifetime Or Lion For A Day
3. Remember Depravity And The Orgies Of Rome
4. Tango For The Concession Of The Suspender
5. In The Midst Of Flaming Ruins - Desire Of
The Few
6. It Was The Day Of Lucifer Rising
7. For The Good Of Humankind
8. In High Heels Through Nights Of Broken
9. Serpent Kisses And Serpent Smiles - Inside
The Order Of Roses And Equilibrium
10. Eucharist - Liturgy Of 6
11. Mary Dances In The Shadow - The Holiest
Of Harlots
12. Regression And The Return To Paradise
13. Cocktails Carnage Crucifixion And
Pornography Anthem - Outro

Release Date: 2003
EditMake Love, And War (The Wedlock Of Equilibrium) (LP)
1. Beloved Kitty And The Piercing Bolts Of Amor
2. Harvesting The Crop, The Chaste Verdict Of
3. Apocalypse Kisses, Commemorating My Summer Solstice
4. Love Conquers All
5. To Tirzah
6. Erotisk Tillägnan
7. Advancement And Demoralization
8. My Felicity Of Midwinter
9. Rituals Of Love In The Passage Of Genocide,
Song Of Rose
10. Ode To The Beloved And Impaired

Release Date: 2001


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