EditTime Is A Machine (LP)
1. Eyes To The Ground For Change
2. Good News First
3. Not Today
4. Tornadoes
5. I Think It's Called Survival
6. Everything Sleeps
7. There Are Wreaking Balls Inside Us
8. It Will All Happen The Way It Should

Release Date: 06/18/2013
EditWooden Heart (LP)
1. You have never lived because you have never died
2. I don't want to live forever
3. Most roads lead to home
4. Wooden Heart
5. Falling in love with glaciers
6. Failing is not just for failures
7. Building better bridges
8. Seatbelt Hands
9. These hands weren't meant for us
10. You were a house on fire
11. Save up your hopes friends

Release Date: 2010
EditNot Waving, Drowning (LP)
1. You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died
2. Falling in Love With Glaciers.
3. Seat Belt Hands
4. Failing Is Not Just for Failures
5. You Were a House On Fire
6. Save Up Your Hopes Friends
7. Maybe We Are All Beautiful
8. I'd Like to Offer You My Dearest Apologies
9. Death By Shotgun
10. Put Another Rock in My Hand
11. Stick This in Your Ear
12. The Music That the Angels Do
13. This Is It

Release Date: 2009
EditReturn to Struggleville (LP)
1. Death By Shotgun
2. A Song From A Knife Salesman To His Wife On Their Wedding Day
3. It's Time For Drastic Measures They're Not Taking You Seriously
4. The Music That the Angels Do
5. My Five Year Plan
6. What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed To Be
7. I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream
8. Ozark Empire, Or A Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town
9. Your Life Will Never Dull Or Your Money Back
10. When No One Else Will Be Your Friend, I Will Do The Job
11. Officer You Have the Wrong Man, I Am Not That Man

Release Date: 2009
EditTrain Songs (EP)
1 Train Song (Fienix) 5:05
2 Train Song (Live) 4:48
3 Train Song (Dust) 4:56
4 Train Song (Poem) 4:47
5 Train Song (Original) 5:18

Release Date: 2009
EditTalk Music (Compilation)
1 We March to a Whole Different Drum (Live). 0:38
2 Ozark Empire, or Snake Oil Salesman. 3:50
3 Stick This in Your Ear (Live). 1:24
4 Your Life Will Never Dull or Your Money Back. 3:48
5 The Music That the Angels Do (Live). 3:20
6 You Will Be My Music. (Live). 2:56
7 Train Song (Live). 4:46
8 I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream. 2:31
9 Deepspace Songs (Live). 2:32
10 Mourning in the Morning. 4:32
11 That's It. 2:48
12 Sweet Bitter. 3:16
13 Life Is. 1:02
14 Older Than I Was Before. 3:05
15 ABC News Tour of Homes Desk Banter. 1:00
16 What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed to Be (Live). 3:45
17 All of This With Words. 1:25

Release Date: 2006
EditJust in Time for Christmas (EP)
1. It's Christmas time again, so come on home to the FIRE
2. You know he knows, don't you? Well, he knows regardless
3. Do you see what I see? I hope so
4. Hey, those herald angels are singing again. Listen
5. Born in Bethlehem, and he shall send them one by one
6. Don't touch the drums boy
7. Silent night, holy night, all is bright all is BRIGHT
8. That leaf sure is heavy, but you have to turn it over

Release Date: 2005
EditWhispermoon (LP)
1 Moon Cries Out 0:42
2 FYI 4:42
3 You're So Underground 4:40
4 Emotional 3:22
5 Winter Life 2:01
6 Train Song 5:18
7 Decadence 4:55
8 I'm Beginning to Hear Whispers 2:42
9 Ways of the Wind 4:45
10 You Will Be My Music 3:56
11 Behind These Doors 5:38
12 Wundering 3:05
13 Crystal Methods 4:14
14 It's a Lonely World 4:19
15 Untitled 4:29

Release Date: 2003


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