EditStayin' Alive (LP)
1. "Problem"

2. "Crush"

3. "Can't Beat It with a Stick"

4. "Open For Business"

5. "Street Went Legit"

6. "Live Wire (AC/DC Cover)"

7. "Gimme Back My Bullets (Lynrd Skynyrd

8. "Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith Cover)"

9. "Dumb Ass Country White Boy (Live)"

10. "Twice as Ugly (Live)"

11. "Locked and Loaded (Live)"

Release Date: 1998
EditCut the Crap (LP)
1. "Dumb Ass Country White Boy"

2. "Locked and Loaded" (ft. Brian Johnson of

3. "Open Up"

4. "Misery Loves Company"

5. "Let's Don't Go There"

6. "Cut the Crap"

7. "Twice as Ugly"

8. "God Strike Me Dead"

9. "Thanks For the Grammy"

10. "Speak of the Devil"

11. "Push Pull"

Release Date: 1997
EditNight of the Living Dead (Live Album)
1. "Intro/Push Comes to Shove"

2. "Mental Masturbation"

3. "Headed For Destruction"

4. "I Stand Alone"

5. "Rock-a-Ho"

6. "Deeper in Darkness"

7. "Down on Me"

8. "Dirty Little Mind"

9. "Redneck Punk"

10. "The Lumberjack"

Release Date: 1996
EditPush Comes to Shove (LP)
1. "Push Comes to Shove"

2. "Headed For Destruction"

3. "My Life"

4. "I Could Never Touch You Like You Do"

5. "Dixieland"

6. "I Want It"

7. "Private Hell"

8. "I Am the I Am"

9. "Secret of the Bottle"

10. "Rock-a-Ho"

11. "Back in the Dirt"

12. "Chinatown"

Release Date: 1994
EditJackyl (LP)
1.I Stand alone
2.Dirty little Mind
3.Down on Me
4.When will it Rain
5.Redneck Punk
6.The Lumberjack
7.Reach for Me
8.Back of Brother
9.Brain Drain
10.Just like a Devil
11.She Loves my Cock

Release Date: 1992


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