The Residents

EditMush-Room (LP)
Mush Room 10:43
Musical Chairs In 3/4 2:37
Sticks And Logs 3:13
Dung Beetles At Work 4:19
Broken Brake 2:27
Yellow Marrow 3:11
When The Wealthy Were Wise 3:55
Song For Grace 3:19
Between A Rock And A Hard Space 5:06
The Birth Of Mush Room 5:34
The Dream I Almost Remember 2:31
Only Room For One More Mush

Release Date: 01/01/2013
EditCoochie Brake (LP)
A1 Theater Of Shadows
A2 The Noche Called My Nombre
A3 Gotta Believe
A4 Rot Of Ages
A5 Outside The Fence
A6 Tied To A Cactus
B7 Crocodile Tears
B8 Dead Man On The Floor
B9 Runaway
B10 Bitter Biter
B11 Please Don't Go

Release Date: 02/07/2012
EditOzark (LP)
1 The Ozan 2-Step 3:24
2 Circe 4:44
3 The Valley Brothers 2:27
4 Old Hound 2:24
5 Six Things To A Sickle 1:39
6 Memories For Sale 3:43
7 Hills Bros. 2:35
8 My Brother's Skin 3:52
9 Nobody Is Listening 1:44
10 Arkansas 2:45
11 Sad Saint John 3:08
12 Relief From Notchi 2:15
13 Hope 1:28
14 Golden Guy 1:42
15 I'm Not Crazy 3:03
16 More Rain 1:22
17 Tastes Like Chicken 2:37
18 The Black Behind 3:45
19 Notchi 2:17
20 The Bunny Boy 3:34
21 The Butcher Shop 3:21
22 Third Second Night 1:21
23 Two Clown Paintings 1:52
24 Rendered Fat 3:17
25 Save The World

Release Date: 2011
EditChuck's Ghost Music (LP)
Ghost Snake
Perchance To Dream
Pudding In Disguise
Unseen Sister
Talking Light

Release Date: 2011
EditLonely Teenager (LP)
Six More Miles
My Window
The Unseen Sister
The Lizard Lady
The Sleepwalker
The Old Woman
Boxes Of Armageddon
Talking Light

Release Date: 2011
EditDollar General (LP)
Black Scars
Burning Madrone
Mary Achi
Memory Of Transgression
Rats Fight For Water
Restrained In The Ward
Carlos Buys A Round
Last Rites For Billy Bago
Blow Row
The Red Powder
Shoeless Thorn Game
Temple Of Dragan
War Zone
Hassled By Mamasan
Drunk Again In Van Horn, Texas

Release Date: 2010
EditArkansas (LP)
Nobody Is Listening
The Bunny Boy
Sad Saint John
The Butcher Shop
Memories For Sale
Two Clown Paintings
The Black Behind
My Brother's Skin
Save The World

Release Date: 2009
EditThe UGHS! (LP)
The Ughs
The Dancing Duck
Floating Down The Nile, Part 2
Squeaky Wheels
The Lonely Lotus
Rendering The Bacon
The Horns Of Haynesville
The Wondering Jew
Charlie Chan
In The Dark

Release Date: 2009
EditHades (LP)
Acheron River
Cocytus River
Lethe River
Styx River
Phlegethon River

Release Date: 2009
EditThe Bunny Boy (LP)
1. Boxes of Armageddon
2. Rabbit Habit
3. I´m Not Crazy
4. Pictures from a Little Girl
5. What If It´s True?
6. Fever Dreams
7. Butcher Shop
8. I Like Black
9. Secret Room
10. My Nigerian Friend
11. It Was Me
12. Golden Boy
13. The Bunny Boy
14. Blood on the Bunny
15. I Killed Him
16. The Dark Man
17. Secret Message
18. Patmos
19. The Black Behind

Release Date: 2008
EditSmell My Picture (LP)
Pardon Me
Twilight Zone
Jam On Sunday Afternoon
Dream 3
Piano Doodle
Lazy Morning
Pass The Peanuts
In An Ugly Mood
Calling All Aliens
Radio Drama
Bourbon Street
Sour Smell
Dream 4
Smell My Picture
Guitar Picnic
The Rubber Robber

Release Date: 2008
EditPostcards From Patmos (LP)
The Winged Serpent Repents To The Father
Soulless Flies Visit The Graves Of Ancestors
Cold Metal Strikes A Soldier´s Bible
Stained Hands Pass The Silverware
I Wish The Remote Could Control Me
Fabrics Drape The Unseen God
There Is Power In The Chord
Silk From Spiders
Green Feathers And The Blood Of Circumcision
Knees Bent, Toes Painted Orange

Release Date: 2008
EditNight Of The Hunters (LP)

Dark Found Light Lost
The Wrong Path
Dropped Pain
Broken Irony
Night Of Lost Sight
Crystal Shards
In The Way
Flying Blind
Held Loosely
Rediscovered Lust
Stalking Dream
Dark Light
Mind Sight


Scattered Thoughts
Doubting The Past
Memory Of Light
Seeing What's Gone
Dreaming Of Night
Refusing The Final Light
Failed Eyes
Slabs That Shine

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Voice of Midnight (LP)
"Scene 1 (The Sandman)"
"Scene 2 (Mental Decay)"
"Scene 3 (Claire's Response)"
"Scene 4 (In The Dark)"
"Scene 5 (Professor Calligari)"
"Scene 6 (The Telescope)"
"Scene 7 (True Love)"
"Scene 8 (Seven Cats)"
"Scene 9 (Catatonia)"
"Scene 10 (The Proposal)"
"Scene 11 (The Tower)"
"Scene 12 (Epilogue)"

Release Date: 2007
EditTweedles! (LP)
1. Dreams
2. Almost Perfect
3. Mark of the Male
4. Life
5. Isolation
6. Stop Signs
7. Elevation
8. Forgiveness
9. Insincere
10. The Perfect Lover
11. Brown Car
12. Sometimes
13. Ugly (at the End)
14. Keep Talkin'
15. Shame on Me
16. Susie Smiles

Release Date: 2006
EditThe River of Crime (Episodes 1–5) (LP)
Disc 1
"The Kid Who Collected Crimes!" - 16:23
"Gator Hater!" - 14:55
"Misdelivered Mummy!" - 15:14
"The Beards!" - 17:07
"Termites from Formosa!" - 16:13

Disc 2 [Bonus]
"The Kid Who Collected Crimes!" [instrumental]
- 9:58
"Gator Hater!" [instrumental] - 9:13
"Misdelivered Mummy!" [instrumental] - 8:29
"The Beards!" [instrumental] - 9:52
"Termites from Formosa!" [instrumental]

Release Date: 2006
EditAnimal Lover (LP)
1. "On the Way (to Oklahoma)"

2. "Olive and Gray"

3. "What Have My Chickens Done Now?"

4. "Two Lips"

5. "Mr. Bee's Bumble"

6. "Inner Space"

7. "Dead Men"

8. "My Window"

9. "Ingrid's Oily Tongue"

10. "Mother No More"

11. "Dreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)"

12. "Elmer's Song"

13. "The Monkey Man"

14. "The Whispering Boys"

15. "Burn My Bones"

Release Date: 2005
Edit12 Days of Brumalia (Compilation)
"Partridge Pairing"
"Turtle Dove"
"Chicken of the Oui"
"Calling Bird"
"Gold Ring"
"Lying Goose"
"Swami Swan"
"Maid Being Milked"
"Wiggling Wahines"
"Leaping and Lords"
"Pietà Piper"
"Big Hand"
"Bonus Brumalia"
"The Feast of Epiphany"

Release Date: 2004
EditI Murdered Mommy (LP)
IMM Presentation
Video Game
Dream Wheel
Google God
Andy Atom
Sea Monkey
Search for Truth
The Shoebox
The Game Ends

Release Date: 2004
EditWB: RMX (Compilation)
"The Mad Sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany"
"Baby Skeletons and Dogs"
"Bop Bop (Shoobop Bop)"
"A Merican Fag"
"Oh Mommy Oh Daddy"
"Peace and Love"
"Christmas Morning Foto"
"Maggie's Farm"
"Snot and Feces Live at the Grunt Festival"
"Sweet Meat"
"Ohm Is Where the Art Is"
"Sell American"
"Love Theme from a Major Motion Picture"
"Pie in the Sky"
"Art, the White Elephant"

Release Date: 2003
EditDemons Dance Alone (LP)
1. Tongue
2. Life Would Be Wonderful
3. The Weatherman
4. Ghost Child
5. Caring
6. Honey Bear
7. The Car Thief
8. Neediness
9. Untitled
10. Tongue (Part 2)
11. Untitled
12. Thundering Skies
13. Mickey Macaroni
14. Betty's Body
15. My Brother Paul
16. Untitled
17. Baja
18. Untitled
19. Tongue (Part 3)
20. Untitled
21. Beekeeper's Daughter
22. Untitled
23. Wolverines
24. Untitled
25. Make Me Moo
26. Untitled
27. Tongue (Part 4)
28. Demons Dance Alone

Release Date: 2002
EditHigh Horses (EP)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Release Date: 2001
EditIcky Flix (Compilation)
1. "Icky Flix (Theme)"

2. "The Third Reich n Roll"

3. "Just for You (Disfigured Night, Part 7)"

4. "Songs for Swinging Larvae"

5. "Bad Day on the Midway"

6. "Kick a Picnic"

7. "The Gingerbread Man"

8. "Vileness Fats: Title"

9. "Vileness Fats: Mom's House"

10. "Vileness Fats: The Cave 1"

11. "Vileness Fats: The Banquet Hall"

12. "Vileness Fats: The Nightclub 1 (Eloise)"

13. "Vileness Fats: The Cave 2"

14. "Vileness Fats: The Nightclub 2"

15. "Icky Flix (Closing Theme)"

Release Date: 2001
EditRoosevelt 2.0 (Compilation)
I Tried To Cry
The Cry Of A Crow
Pollex Christi (Abridged)
Love Me
Anganok (Excerpt)
Spaghetti Sunda
Tryin' To Beat It
Siren Song (Of The Shrunken Head)
Ugly Beauty
Hallowed Be Thy Ween

Release Date: 2001
EditRoadworms: The Berlin Sessions (LP)
"Un-American Band"
"How to Get a Head. Road"
"Hanging by His Hair. Road"
"God's Magic Finger. Road"
"Tent Peg in the Temple. Road"
"Fire Fall. Road"
"Cain and Abel. Road"
"Dinah and the Unclean Skin. Road"
"Abraham. Road"
"Burn Baby Burn. Road"
"Judas Saves. Road"

Release Date: 2000
EditWormwood: Curious Stories from the Bible (LP)
"In the Beginning"
"Fire Fall"
"They Are The Meat"
"Melancholy Clumps"
"How To Get A Head"
"Cain And Abel"
"Mr. Misery"
"Tent Peg In the Temple"
"God's Magic Finger"
"Spilling The Seed"
"Dinah and the Unclean Skin"
"Bathsheba Bathes"
"Bridegroom of Blood"
"Hanging by His Hair"
"The Seven Ugly Cows"
"Burn Baby Burn"
"I Hate Heaven"
"Judas Saves"

Release Date: 1998
EditLive at the Fillmore (Live Album)
The Gingerbread Man
Part 1 - The Aging Musician
Part 2 - The Old Woman
Part 3 - The Sold-Out Artist
Everyone Comes to the Freak Show
Loss of Innocence
Jelly Jack (The Boneless Boy)
Lottie (The Human Log)
Benny (The Bouncing Bump)
Disfigured Night
Disfigured Night 1
Disfigured Night 2
Disfigured Night 3
Disfigured Night 4
Disfigured Night 5
Disfigured Night 6
Disfigured Night 7 (We Are the World)
Hello Skinny
This Is a Man's Man's Man's World
Curtain Call
Good Night (Cruel World)

Release Date: 1998
EditHave a Bad Day (LP)
"Bad Day on the Midway"
"Dagmar, the Dog Woman"
"I Ain't Seen No Rats"
"Tears of the Taxman"
"God's Teardrops"
"The Seven Tattoos"
"The Marvels of Mayhem"
"Lottie the Human Log"
"Ugly Liberation"
"Daddy's Poems"
"The Red Head of Death"

Release Date: 1996
EditHunters (Compilation)
"Hunters Prelude"
"The Deadly Game"
"Tooth and Claw"
"The Dangerous Sea"
"Rulers of the Deep"
"Track of the Cat"
"The Giant Grizzlies"
"Dawn of the Dragons"
"Eye of the Serpent"
"The Crawling Kingdom"
"The Savage Pack"
"Hunters Reprise"

Release Date: 1995
EditGingerbread Man (LP)
1. The Weaver: The fool and the death-maker
die alone

2. The Dying Oilman: Blinded by the hostages
of fortune

3. The Confused Transsexual: Stamen and
pistillate together again

4. The Sold-Out Artist: Black are the legs
inside the white sepulchre

5. The Ascetic: Shadows doubt the strength of
the sun

6. The Old Soldier: Safety sells, but war
always wins

7. The Aging Musician: Narcissus knows no one

8. The Butcher: The flesh of animals angers
anew… and moos

9. The Old Woman: Kissless are the isolated,
rootless are their tongues

10. Ginger's Lament

Release Date: 1994
EditOur Finest Flowers (LP)
1. "Gone Again"
2. "The Sour Song"
3. "Six Amber Things"
4. "Mr. Lonely"
5. "Perfect Goat"
6. "Blue Tongues"
7. "Jungle Bunny"
8. "I'm Dreaming of a White Sailor"
9. "...Or Maybe a Marine"
10. "Kick a Picnic"
11. "Dead Wood"
12. "Baby Sister"
13. "Forty-Four No More"
14. "He Also Serves"
15. "Ship of Fools"
16. "Be Kind to U-WEB Footed Friends"

Release Date: 1992
EditFreak Show (Compilation)
1. "Everyone Comes to the Freak Show"

2. "Harry the Head"

3. "Herman the Human Mole"

4. "Wanda the Worm Woman"

5. "Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy"

6. "Benny the Bouncing Bump"

7. "Mickey the Mumbling Midget"

8. "Lillie"

9. "Nobody Laughs When They Leave"

Release Date: 1990
EditCube-E: The History Of American Music... (Live Album)
E-Z Piece One: Buckaroo Blues
A1 From The Plains To Mexico
A2 The Theme From Buckaroo Blues
A3 The Stampede
A4 The Trail Dance
A5 Bury Me Not
A6 Cowboy Waltz
A7 Saddle Sores
A8 The Theme From Buckaroo Blues
E-Z Piece Two: Black Barry
B1 The Gospel Truth
B2 Shortnin' Bread
B3 Black Barry
B4 Fourty-Four
B5 Engine 44
B6 New Orleans
B7 Voodoo Queen
B8 What Am I Gonna Do
B9 Organism
E-Z Piece Three: The Baby King
C1 Ober
C2 The Baby King 1
C3 Don't Be Cruel
C4 Devil In Disguise
C5 Burning Love
D1 Teddy Bear
D2 Love Me Tender
D3 The Baby King 11
D4 Hound Dog / Out

Release Date: 1990
EditSanta Dog '88 (EP)
Fire (Santa Dog '72)
Santa Dog '78
Santa Dog '84
Santa Dog '88

Release Date: 1988
EditGod in Three Persons (LP)
1. Main Title from "God in 3 Persons"
2. Hard & Tenderly
3. Devotion?
4. The Thing About Them
5. Their Early Years
6. Loss of Loved One
7. The Touch
8. The Service
9. Confused (By What I Felt Inside)
10. Fine Fat Flies
11. Time
12. Silver, Sharp and Could Not Care
13. Kiss of Flesh
14. Pain and Pleasure

Release Date: 1988
EditThe King & Eye (LP)
1 Blue Suede Shoes 2:55
2 The Baby King, Pt. 1 2:29
3 Don't Be Cruel 2:46
4 Heartbreak Hotel 2:05
5 All Shook Up
6 Return to Sender
7 The Baby King, Pt. 2
8 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
9 (You're The) Devil in Disguise
10 Stuck on You
11 Big Hunk O' Love
12 (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
13 The Baby King, Pt. 3
14 Little Sister
15 His Latest Flame
16 Burning Love
17 Viva Las Vegas
18 The Baby King, Pt. 4
19 Love Me
20 The Baby King, Pt. 5
21 Hound Dog

Release Date: 1987
EditFor Elsie (Compilation)
1. For Elsie

Release Date: 1987
EditStars & Hank Forever (LP)
"Hey Good Lookin'"
"Six More Miles (To the Graveyard)"
"Ramblin' Man"

Release Date: 1986
EditThe 13th Anniversary Show Live in the U.S.A. (Live Album)
Intro (1:11)
Lizard Lady/Semolina/Hello
Skinny/Constantinople/Jailhouse Rock/Where Is
She?/Picnic In The Jungle (29:41)
Smelly Tongues/Eloise/Ship's Agoin'
Down/Tourniquet Of Roses (10:58)
I Got Rhythm/Passing The Bottles/Monkey &
Bunny/Theme For An American TV Show/Man's
Man's Man's World (17:10)
Walter Westinghouse (9:01)
Easter Woman/Amber/Red Rider/Die In
Terror/Coming Of The Crow/Eva's Warning
Big Bubble/Hop A Little/Cry For The Fire
Diskomo (5:22)

Release Date: 1986
Edit13th Anniversary Show Live in Tokyo (Live Album)
Tracklist Hide Credits
1 Lizard Lady 2:26
2 Semolina 3:56
3 Hello Skinny /
Constantinople 5:12
4 Jailhouse Rock
Written-By – Leiber/ Stoller*
5 Where Is She? 2:24
6 Picnic In The Jungle
Written-By – Snakefinger
7 Smelly Tongues 2:17
8 Eloise 1:12
9 The Ship's A'Goin' Down
10 The New Machine 1:22
11 Tourniquet Of Roses 2:35
12 Passing The Bottle 1:30
13 Monkey And Bunny
Written-By – Renaldo & The Loaf
14 Theme From An American TV
Show 1:20
15 Man's World
Written-By – Brown*
16 Walter Westinghouse 8:29
17 Easter Woman 2:11
18 Amber 1:41
19 Red Rider 1:27
20 Die In Terror 1:25
21 The Coming Of The Crow /
Eva's Warning
Written-By [Eva's Warning] – Snakefinger
22 Cry For The Fire

Release Date: 1986
EditThe Big Bubble (LP)
1. "Sorry"

2. "Hop a Little"

3. "Go Where Ya Wanna Go"

4. "Gotta Gotta Get"

5. "Cry For the Fire"

6. "Die-Stray-Go"

7. "Vinegar"

8. "Firefly"

9. "The Big Bubble"

10. "Fear For the Future"

11. "Kula Bocca Says So"

Release Date: 1985
EditWhatever Happened to Vileness Fats? (Compilation)
"Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?"
"Atomic Shopping Carts"
"Adventures of a Troubled Heart"
"Search for the Short Man"
"The Importance of Evergreen"
"Broccoli and Saxophone"
"Disguised As Meat"
"Thoughts Busily Betraying"
"Lord, It's Lonely"
"The Knife Fight"

Release Date: 1985
EditThe Census Taker (Compilation)
"Creeping Dread"
"The Census Taker"
"Where Is She?"
"Innocence Decayed"
"Romanian/Nice Old Man"
"Passing the Bottle"
"The Census Taker Returns"

Release Date: 1985
EditPAL TV LP (Compilation)
The Mole Show Live
Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) 4:15
Another Land 4:25
Final Confrontation 7:34
Happy Home 2:53
Extracts Of Fats
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats 4:09
Brocolli & Saxaphone 3:35
Lord Its Lonely 1:31
The Knife Fight

Release Date: 1985
EditGeorge & James (LP)
"Rhapsody in Blue"
"I Got Rhythm"

Live at the Apollo

"I'll Go Crazy"
"Try Me"
"I Don't Mind"
"Lost Someone"
"Please, Please, Please"
"Night Train"

Release Date: 1984
EditTitle in Limbo (LP)
"Intro: Version"
"The Shoe Salesman"
"Monkey and Bunny"
"Mahogany Wood"
"Sitting on the Sand"
"Africa Tree"
"Woman's Weapon"
"Horizontal Logic"
"The Sailor Song"
"Extra: Version"

Release Date: 1983
EditThe Mole Show Live at the Roxy (Live Album)
Voices of the Air
The Secret Seed
Won't You Keep Us Working?
First Warning
Back to Normality?
The Sky Falls!
God of Darkness
More Narration
March to the Sea
The Observer
Hole Workers' New Hymn
Still More Narration
Ugly Rumors
Upset Narration
Call of the Wild
Driving the Moles Away
Don't Tread on Me
The Short War
Frantic Narration
Resident Speech
Happy Home

Release Date: 1983
EditIntermission (EP)
1."Lights Out" (Prelude)
2."Shorty's Lament" (Intermission)
3."The Moles Are Coming" (Intermission)
4."Would We Be Alive?" (Intermission)
5."The New Hymn" (Recessional)

Release Date: 1982
EditTunes of Two Cities (LP)
1 Serenade for Missy 3:16
2 A Maze of Jigsaws 2:52
3 Mousetrap 3:32
4 God of Darkness 3:18
5 Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) 3:59
6 Praise for the Curse 2:52
7 The Secret Seed 2:47
8 Smokebeams 2:43
9 Mourning the Undead 3:05
10 Song of the Wild 3:24
11 The Evil Disposer 3:16
12 Happy Home [Excerpt from Act II of
Innisfree] 4:46

Release Date: 1982
EditMark of the Mole (LP)
1 Voices of the Air 2:55
2 The Ultimate Disaster 8:54
3 Migration 7:15
4 Another Land 4:42
5 The New Machine 7:16
6 Final Confrontation

Release Date: 1981
EditCommercial Album (LP)
1 Easter Woman 1:03
2 Perfect Love 1:03
3 Picnic Boy 1:01
4 End of Home 1:04
5 Amber 1:02
6 Japanese Watercolor 1:02
7 Secrets 1:03
8 Die in Terror 1:03
9 Red Rider 1:02
10 My Second Wife 1:02
11 Floyd 1:03
12 Suburban Bathers 1:04
13 Dimples and Toes 1:03
14 The Nameless Souls 1:04
15 Love Leaks Out 1:04
16 Act of Being Polite 1:03
17 Medicine Man 1:04
18 Tragic Bells 1:03
19 Loss of Innocence 1:04
20 The Simple Song 1:02
21 Ups and Downs 1:04
22 Possessions 1:03
23 Give It to Someone Else 1:03
24 Phantom 1:04
25 Less Not More 1:03
26 My Work Is So Behind 1:04
27 Birds in the Trees 1:04
28 Handful of Desire 1:04
29 Moisture 1:04
30 Love Is . . . 1:03
31 Troubled Man 1:04
32 La La 1:04
33 Loneliness 1:04
34 Nice Old Man 1:04
35 The Talk of Creatures 1:04
36 Fingertips 1:04
37 In Between Dreams 1:04
38 Margaret Freeman 1:03
39 The Coming of the Crow 1:04
40 When We Were Young 1:02

indicates Track Pick

Release Date: 1980
EditEskimo (LP)
1. The Walrus Hunt (4:01)
2. Birth (4:33)
3. Arctic Hysteria (5:57)
4. The Angry Angakok (5:20)
5. A Spirit Steals a Child (8:44)
6. The Festival of Death (10:28)

Release Date: 1979
EditBabyfingers (EP)
Monstrous Intro
Death In Barstow
Melon Collie Lassie
Flight Of The Bumble Roach
Walter Westinghouse

Release Date: 1979
EditSanta Dog '78 (EP)
1. Santa Dog '78
2. Santa Dog

Release Date: 1978
EditDuck Stab / Buster & Glen (Compilation)
Duck Stab
A1 Constantinople
A2 Sinister Exaggerator
A3 The Booker Tease
A4 Blue Rosebuds
A5 Laughing Song
A6 Bach Is Dead
A7 Elvis And His Boss

Buster & Glen
B1 Lizard Lady
B2 Semolina
B3 Birthday Boy
B4 Weight-Lifting Lulu
B5 Krafty Cheese
B6 Hello Skinny
B7 The Electrocutioner

Release Date: 1978
EditNot Available (LP)
1 Part One: Edweena
2 Part Two: The Making of a Soul
3 Part Three: Ship's A'Going Down
4 Part Four: Never Known Questions
5 Epilogue

Release Date: 1978
EditDuck Stab (EP)
Duck Stab
A1 Constantinople
A2 Sinister Exaggerator
A3 The Booker Tease
A4 Blue Rosebuds
A5 Laughing Song
A6 Bach Is Dead
A7 Elvis And His Boss

Release Date: 1978
EditBuster & Glen (EP)
1. Lizard Lady
2. Semolina
3. Birthday Boy
4. Weight-Lifting Lulu
5. Krafty Cheese
6. Hello Skinny
7. The Electrocutioner

Release Date: 1978
EditThe Residents Radio Special (Compilation)
Part One (12:07)
Introduction 0:30
Death In Barstow 2:05
Interview 2:00
Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life 4:00
Flying 3:18
Tag 0:04
Part Two (12:12)
Satisfaction 4:30
Interview 1:00
Loser/Weed 2:07
Interview 1:17
Melon Collie Lassie 2:51
Tag 0:15
Part Three (12:28)
Interview 1:00
Santa Dog Medley 5:30
Interview 0:45
King Kong 2:00
Interview 1:00
Kamakazie Lady 1:30
Tag 0:15
Part Four (12:19)
Whoopy Snort 3:45
Interview 2:30
Walter Westinghouse 4:54
Credits With Tag

Release Date: 1977
EditFingerprince (LP)
1. "You Yesyesyes"

2. "Home Age Conversation"

3. "Godsong"

4. "March de la Winni"

5. "Bossy"

6. "Boo Who?"

7. "Tourniquet of Roses"

8. "Death in Barstow"

9. "Mellon Collie Lassie"

10. "March of the Bumble Roach"

11. "Walter Westinghouse"

12. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 1"

13. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 2"

14. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 3"

15. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 4"

16. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 5"

17. "Six Things to a Cycle: Part 6"

18. "You Yesyesyes Again"

Release Date: 1977
EditThe Third Reich 'n Roll (LP)
1 Swastikas on Parade 17:30
2 Hitler Was a Vegetarian 18:27

Release Date: 1976
EditMeet the Residents (LP)
1 Boots Hazelwood 0:54
2 Numb Erone 1:07
3 Guylum Bardot 1:19
4 Breath and Length 1:44
6 Smelly Tongues 1:44
7 Rest Aria 5:09
8 Skratz 1:43
9 Spotted Pinto Bean 5:27
10 Infant Tango 5:28
11 Seasoned Greetings 5:13
12 N-Er-Gee (Crisis Blues) 7:16

Release Date: 1974
EditSanta Dog (EP)
A. Ivory & The Braineaters – Fire
B. College Walkers, The – Explosion
C. Delta Nudes – Lightning
D. Arf & Omega – Aircraft Damage

Release Date: 1972


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