EditPunk's Not Dead (LP)
1. One Way To Mars
2. Lucid Dreaming (featuring Elsa Esmeralda)
3. Spiral
4. The Backbone Flute
5. Charge Me (featuring Diagram)
6. My Warm Soft Blanket
7. Summer Pleasures
8. Higgs Boson
9. Dancing Nerds
10. Deep Space
11. White Nights
12. Weird Thing
13. Blurred Memories (featuring Synkro)
14. Next Level

Release Date: 2014
EditThe Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel (LP)
1. The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel
2. 8-Bit Cosmos
3. Sunrain
4. The End Is the Beginning (featuring Jalex)
5. Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You
From Me From the Bedroom (featuring Bev Lee
6. Intercontinental Meltdown
7. I Need You (Bop Remix) - Subwave
8. Morning Air
9. Simple Things
10. An Open-Eyed Dream
11. The Lunatic Is in My Head
12. Irreversible
13. My Heart Is in a Freezer

Release Date: 2011
EditRemix Your Mind (Compilation)
1. Nothing Makes Any Sense (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
2. Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician (Lynx +
Hellrazor Remix)
3. Song About My Dog (Subwave Remix)
4. Enjoy The Moment (Thinnen Remix)
5. Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix)

Release Date: 2010
EditClear Your Mind (LP)
1. Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician
2. Enjoy The Moment
3. Ataraxia
4. Forms, Ideas and Chips
5. Lost In This World
6. Clear Your Mind
7. Nothing Makes Any Sense
8. Zakoulki Soznaniya
9. Random Thoughts
10. I Found You
11. Rovor
12. Chaosmos
13. Song About My Dog

Release Date: 2009


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