Dave McPherson

EditDreamoirs (LP)
1. Snowball
2. Lady Luck
3. The Wilderness
4. Her Majesty's Prism
5. Grotesque is a Beautiful Word
6. Kingdon
7. I'm Possible
8. Relics of Don Quixote
9. Ambivert Melanconnoisseur
10. Mortals

Release Date: 06/01/2013
EditThe Hardship Diaries (LP)
1. Spring: Hearts Need Blood
2. Is This All We Are?
3. Listen To The Music
4. Summer: She Puts Me In A Good Mood
5. Before I Even Had You
6. Love Rats
7. Autumn: A Ghostly Reprise
8. Hummingbird
9. Last Year
10. Winter: Hibernation
11. Obsession Is A You Man's Game
12. This Is No Fairytale

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Grand Odyssey of the Whale and the Barnacle (EP)
1. Obligate Commensalism
2. The Heart Juggler
3. Drowning In A Quandary of Ambivalence
4. It Wasn't Just An Experiment
5. An Uncomfortable Déjá Vu
6. Wild Idiosyncratic Jewels (4th Jonquil)

Release Date: 2010
EditI Don't Do Requests (EP)
1. I Don't Do Requests
2. Hearts Need Blood
3. Mr. Goodchild
4. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Rockstar
5. The World's Biggest...
6. Waltzing In A Supermarket

Release Date: 2008
EditA Bridge For Burning (EP)
1. A Bridge For Burning
2. Sorry Lads
3. Mockingbirds & Jealous Folk
4. Drugs Won't Save You Now
5. Good Job Their Favourite Colour Is Red
6. The Thieves
7. Maria Libera (Soft Terminus track)
8. Handshakes For Strangers (Soft Terminus track)
9. The Uninvited Truth (Soft Terminus track)

Release Date: 2007
EditCrescent Summer Sessions (EP)
1. Emerald Barrier
2. Sunny Lynton
3. Gotham City Blues
4. Love The Red Button
5. The Stupid Franchise of Love
6. Song For The Drunk Walk Home
7. You Shouldn't Give Up On Her

Release Date: 2007
EditB.S.W.U.E (EP)
1. Glass White Flag
2. Wicked Man
3. If I Could Change
4. B.S.W.U.E
5. Oil Season
6. Flashing Light Ensemble

Release Date: 2006


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