EditHappiness (LP)
1. Cute Never Dies
2. Blood Stevia Sex Magik
3. Cloud Sculpting
4. Happiness Is A Warm Kitten
5. Smooth Sailing
6. Party Gambas
7. Taco Time
8. Coronado Bay Breezin'
9. Tarsier Treehouse
10. If I Am Only Allowed One Song On This Album With Cut Up Female Vocals Then This Song Is It
11. Man: The Failed Child (Thank You And Goodnight)

Release Date: 10/21/2013
EditLost In The Game (LP)
1. Godspeed You African American Emperor
2. Gimme Summer
3. New Boss Same As Old Boss
4. Cardamom's Gone Soft
5. I Want To Join A Cult
6. Meeguk So Horny
7. Big Black Ketamine Jesus
8. Step Into The Light You Fucking Idiot
9. Left Hand Pathfinder
10. Night Club vs Book Club
11. Baroque And Out Of Money
12. I Need To Start A Cult
13. I'm Sick But I Ain't Dead

Release Date: 09/18/2012
EditSongs About Fucking Steve Albini (LP)
1. DIm Ego Prelude
2. Odd Ripe Legume
3. Mild Pureed Ego
4. Purge Deem Idol
5. Lou Reed Gimped
6. Periled Emu God
7. Deep Lid Morgue
8. Eerie Gold Dump
9. Die Rumpled Ego

Release Date: 2010
EditShout at the Donor (LP)
1. Intro
2. Be Monophobic With Me
3. Mr. Wobble's Nightmare
4. Samhain California
5. Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend
6. The Church Of 606 Is Now Open For Business
7. Getränke Nasty
8. Dancehall Of The Dead
9. America's Next Top Modwheel
10. You All Break My Heart
11. Baltimorrow's Parties
12. Cerebrate Yourself
13. Monsters
14. Malcontinental
15. Great Lakes
16. Underwear Everywhere
17. Good Times

Release Date: 2009
EditPretty Girls Make Raves (LP)
1. Let It Rock
2. Chickenfight
3. Boomin'
4. Meet Me At The Bottom
5. Comeuppance
6. T.Y.T.R.
7. Getdownlow
8. Oakland High

Release Date: 2006
EditWho Still Kill Sound? (LP)
1. Yr Inside The Smallest Rave On Earth
2. Slammin' Ragga Bootleg Track
3. Phat With A Phd
4. Cex Remix I Forgot To Finish
5. Live Acid Jam
6. All I Wanted For Christmas Was My
Braces Off
7. Ladies
8. Another Slammin' Ragga Bootleg Track
(OK, Last One, I Promise!)
9. Pregnant Cheerleader Theme Song
10. Roll With It
11. Rudestyleindiejunglistmassive
12. I Wanna Rock (You Just Left The
Smallest Rave On Earth) 5:43
13. Dramatic Pause Of Silence To Signify
The End Of The Album And Beginning Of
Additional Songs Included On The CD To
Make People Feel Better About Buying The
CD Instead Of The Vinyl Version 0:30
14. Robitussin Motherfucker (DJ Screw RIP)
15. Ass Scratch Beaver 4:00
16. Wickid Megamix

Release Date: 2004
EditKill Sound Before Sound Kills You (LP)
01 The Illness (Album Mix)
02 Who Wah Kill Sound?
03 Andy Warhol Is Dead But We Still Have Hope
04 Ecstasy Motherfucker
05 Total Recovery Is Possible
06 Buckle Up
07 If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It
08 Site Specific Sound Installation
09 Powerbookfiend
10 I Think I'm Alone Now
11 Woofer Wrecker
12 Parenthood

Release Date: 2003
EditThe Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fuckin (LP)
1. Sometimes I Thank God I Can't Sing Because Than No One Can Blame Me For Anything
2. MP3 Killed The CD Star
3. Kiddy Needs A New Pair Of Laptops
4. Never Underestimate The Value Of A Holler (Vipee-Pee Mix)
5. Rebel Girl
6. Smack My Glitch Up
7. This Is Not My Statement

Release Date: 2002
EditDown With The Scene (LP)

Release Date: 2000
EditPS I Love You (LP)
1 Sing It 1:57
2 Whereweleftoff 5:27
3 Together 4:44
4 Twirl 6:07
5 Sometimes 6:15
6 Now I Wanna Be A Cowboy
7 Sonqizzover 7:14
8 Strum 8:55
9 Fuck Up Everything You Can
Before You Plan On Slowing Down 6:17

Release Date: 2000
EditGo GQ On the EQ++ (Compilation)
1. Dodgy
2. My Kitten Went To London
3. Ginza
4. Dandy
5. Take It From Me
6. I Am Leo Hear Me Roar
7. ....Just Another Kool Kat Out Looking For A Kitty
8. Nobody Wants To Be A Star Anymore (Toss It)
9. When I Want A Gun, Yeah
10. Start/Over
11. Attn:vat!
12. Relive Yr Unhappy Childhood
13. The Ten And The Zero
14 Staying Home From School

Release Date: 2000
EditDon't Sweat The Technics (LP)

1. Untitled
2. Dropkick - Tomgirl's Gonna Stick With It
3. I Want To Join A Gang
4. She's=Defective
5. Now I'm Completely Fucked
6. Good Timing
7. -SilverEgg-
8. Untitled
9. Don't Sweat The Technics-Dubplatestyle
10. Kid 606s Baadassss Underwater Dub Track
11. Damn I'm Hard
12. GhettoBlaster [Two 909's And A Microphone]
13. You Mean This Much < Right Know
14. (Throw)
15. ///Tag Your It Sarah///
16. Matmos Are The A-Team Of Electronica
17. Rescute
18. Scsi Bear-Theme Song For The Riot Grrl Attacks On The Hardcore Junglist Massive
19. Lionoil;I'm Forming Skills
20. This Is How I Want It To End

Release Date: 1998
EditResilience (LP)
1. Done With The Scene
2. Spanish Song
3. Phoenix Riddim
4. Xmas Funk
5. Sugarcoated
6. I Miss You
7. Banana Peel
8. King Of Harm
9. Cascadia
10. Hold It Together
11. Short Road Down
12. Audition

Release Date:


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