EditAdore (LP)
1. Adore
2. Blue
3. Still For A Moment
4. Missing
5. Adrift
6. Sundials
7. Morgan & Frankie
8. What You Were

Release Date: 02/14/2013
EditGloomlights (LP)

Release Date: 2011
EditAirs//Lunaire (EP)
1. Home
2. White Pantomime
3. Indigo
4. Lucid
5. Pale Beneath a Brilliant Sky
6. Sora no Woto

*Tracks 1-4 are by Airs, tracks 5 and 6 by Lunaire

Release Date: 2011
EditKill Yourself on Valentines Day (EP)
1: Kill Yourself on Valentines Day (Nobody
2: A Beautiful, Timeless End to This Dream

Release Date: 2011
EditRainclouds over the Remains of Hope (LP)
1. Overcast -das ende der zeit-
2. Rainclouds Over The Remains Of Hope
3. Cast Into The Sea
4. Innocence
5. Everyone Has Died Post-Haste
6. Joyless
7. Never Without
8. We're Still Drifting
9. Passing
10. Clear Skies -und zeit beginnt von neuem-

Release Date: 2010
EditJoyless (EP)
1. Joyless
2. Never Too Late To Hurry Up
3. Ende der Ewigkeit kommt in der Nacht
4. Ravish
5. Joyless (2009 Demo version)

Release Date: 2010
EditLove Will Tear Us Apart (EP)
1.Love Will Tear Us Apart

Release Date: 2010
EditUntitled (EP)
1: Untitled

Release Date: 2010
EditA Left Turn At Happiness (LP)
1. A Left Turn at Happiness
2. Airs
3. Fascism Avenue
4. Touch
5. Bloody & Scarred (A Cheerful Tale of Self-Harm)
6. A Shell of Your Former Self
7. One Step Closer to Total Fucking Annihilation
8. Misérable
9. Counting the Moments to Oblivion (Slower, Slower, Slower...)
10. I Wish Everyone Would Die Post-Haste
11. A Feeling of Pain
12. Bleak Grey Skies

Release Date: 2010
EditHappy Songs for the Terminally Ill (EP)
1. Counting The Moments To Oblivion
2. I Wish Everyone Would Die Post-Haste
3. A Feeling Of Pain

Release Date: 2010


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