More Than A Thousand

EditVol. 5: Lost At Home (LP)
1. Heist
2. Lost At Home
3. Fight Your Demons
4. I Am the Anchor
5. Feed The Caskets
6. Dear Friend
7. Song of Death
8. Never Let Go
9. Swallow Your Poison
10. Cross My Heart
11. No Mercy For the Weak
12. Interlude
13. Room of Blades
14. Midnight Calls

Release Date: 2014
EditVol. 4 Make Friends and Enemies (LP)
01. It's Alive (How I Made a Monster)
02. No Bad Blood
03. We Wrote A Song About You
04. First Bite
05. Nothing But Mistakes
06. Make Friends and Enemies
07. I Will Always Let You Down
08. Black Hearts
09. Teenage Wastelands
10. Roadsick
11. A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Own Throat

Release Date: 2010
EditVol. III: Mar (EP)
1. The Waves Will Come
2. Arctic
3. One Wave Short of A Shipwreck
4. The Portuguese Man of War

Release Date: 2008
EditVol. 2 The Hollow (LP)
1 The Hollow
2 Somber I
3 Everyone, Everywhere, Everything Ends
4 Memories and Addictions
5 Somber II
6 The Red River Murder
7 The Burden
8 My Lonely Grave
9 Somber III
10 From Hell...
11 Cease Fire (SOS)
12 Have You Ever Dreamed You Are Falling?
13 The Virus

Release Date: 2006
EditTwo Songs... An Endless Body Count (EP)
1. Walking On The Devil's Trail
2. This City Is A Graveyard

Release Date: 2005
EditVol. I: Trailers Are Always More Exciting Than M (EP)
01 The beautiful faces hide witches pt. I
02 The beautiful faces hide witches pt. II
03 None of us will see heaven
04 Trip to Goth'am city
05 Another page i read
06 In loving memory
07 I woke up early on the day i died
08 Jumping gardens and passing streets
09 sreliarT

Release Date: 2004
EditToo Many Teen Massacre Horror Movies (EP)
1. It's The Blood, There's Something In The
2. You've Been Sleeping And Yes This Is An

Release Date: 2004
EditThose In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones (EP)
1. I Woke Up Early on the Day I Died
2. Visual Understanding
3. Morning in 82' Avenue
4. Ordinary Explanation
5. Story to Change
6. Thing That Makes Me Breathe
7. Weather
8. Girl

Release Date: 2001


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