EditTanto (LP)
1. I Break All Around You
2. You Tell Me to Be Strong
3. As We Remember a Life of Love
4. I Pray to a Godless Sky
5. And I Want to Be as Strong as You
6. But I Am Broken

Release Date: 2014
EditI'll Only Break Your Heart (LP)
1. Embrace, Release
2. Feel, Unfeel
3. Appear, Disappear
4. Broken, Whole

Release Date: 2014
EditAt Night This City Becomes the Sea (LP)
1. Never Meant You Any Harm
2. (N)ever Existed
3. Washed Away in Your Waves (This Is Love)
4. A Place to Call
5. Waiting for a Friend

Release Date: 01/23/2013
EditA Careful Ecstasy (LP)
Another Love
My Hinami
It Was For You, It Was For Us
If I Had Been a Better Man
Through the Lower Room, We Rise Higher
A Careful Ecstasy

Release Date: 01/15/2013
EditAll Is Forgiven (LP)
1. All is Forgiven
2. Today He Felt Life
3. Peonies Fall for Kings

Release Date: 11/16/2012
EditDon't Say You Know (LP)
1. So Far From Home (For JR)
2. All It Takes
3. My Sun Shines Through Your Rain
4. Pure Of Heart
5. Made It Here Without You
6. Don’t Say You Know

Release Date: 03/20/2012
EditSerenity (LP)
1. Unity
2. Beauty
3. Energy
4. Love
5. Strength
6. Serenity

Release Date: 03/20/2012
EditThe First Day (LP)
1. Never In The Prison Of Their Stars
2. The First Day
3. While They Dreamed, We Were There
4. My Skies Cry Your Name

Release Date: 02/21/2012
EditThen (LP)
1. Had To Be There
2. I Knew The First Time
3. You Said The Future Was Our
4. When We Saved The World

Release Date: 2011
EditResistance Is Beautiful (LP)
1. What Happened To Us
2. Nothing Like You
3. Gone Tomorrow
4. This Is Why You'll Never
5. Fall

Release Date: 2011
EditOne Last Look At The Sea (LP)
1. No Love Lost
2. My Only Friend
3. The House Above The World
4. Just You Wait
5. A Sisyphean Silence
6. One Last Look At The Sea
7. The Wall Between Us

Release Date: 2011
EditTribes at the Temple of Silence (LP)
1 A Quiet Doorway Awaits
2 The Past Disappears
3 Sanctuary
4 These Walls Will Always Remember (For Dani)
5 Morning Rituals
6 We Move as One
7 Towers Rise to the Sky

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Art of Dying Alone (LP)
01. Descent to the End
02. Nothing form No One
03. To Finally Forget it All
04. No More Reasons Not to Fall
05. No One Will Ever Find You Here
06. The Art of Dying Alone

Release Date: 2010
EditWe Were The Sun (LP)
1 It Mattered Once 14:08
2 Will You Know Where To Find Me 17:04
3 Live To See The Day 17:27
4 Time Will Tell 12:16
5 I Knew You Then 12:48
6 Lest You Forget 4:16

Release Date: 2009
EditWhite Clouds Drift On And On (LP)
1-1 Too Little Too Late 11:12
1-2 I Knew Happiness Once 16:17
1-3 Forever A Stranger 12:30
1-4 A Gentle Hand To Hold 14:56
1-5 A Chance To Start Over 15:32
1-6 White Clouds Drift On And On 7:12
Intrusion Interpretation
2-1 White Clouds Drift On And On [Intrusion Shape I] 24:15
2-2 A Chance To Start Over [Intrusion Shape II] 11:18
2-3 A Gentle Hand To Hold [Intrusion Shape III] 17:12
2-4 Forever A Stranger [Intrusion Shape IV] 11:08
2-5 I Knew Happiness Once [Intrusion Shape V] 9:20
2-6 Too Little Too Late [Intrusion Shape VI] 6:23

Release Date: 2009
EditStrength In Solitude LP (LP)
1. Pass Through You
2. Introvert
3. Love's Collapse
4. All Traces Vanished
5. Nothing To Fear
6. Goodbye

Release Date: 2007


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