Sham 69

EditTheir Finest Hour (LP)

1 Sweeney Todd
2 All The Geezers
3 It's What We Do
4 I Wanna Destroy You
5 Damned If You Do
6 No Means No
7 Sing When You're Winning
8 Is This The Life
9 Mary Mary
10 Gaswork Romance
11 Wigan Pier
12 Tomorrows Another Day

Release Date: 01/01/2013
EditWho Killed Joe Public (LP)

1 Shout
2 The Verdict Is Vengeance
3 Skin And Bone
4 Then There Were None
5 Hall Of Fame
6 Little Lady
7 The Last Gang In London
8 Who Killed Public Joe
9 What You Gonna Do
10 The Public Enemy
11 Army Of Tomorrow

Release Date: 2010
EditWestern Culture (LP)

A1 Asbo Sports Day
A2 No Apologies
A3 Western Culture
A4 Medic
A5 Here Come The Lies
A6 I Want Glory
B1 Hollywood Hero
B2 I Don't Believe A Word
B3 Give Me A Minute
B4 New York City
B5 I Love Her
B6 Bite The Bullet

Release Date: 2007
EditDirect Action: Day 21 (LP)

Release Date: 2001
EditLive In Italy (Live Album)

Release Date: 1999
EditThe Punk Singles Collection: 1977-1980 (Compilation)
1. I Don't Wanna
2. Ulster
3. Red London
4. What Have We Got?
5. Borstal Breakout
6. Hey Little Rich Boy
7. Angels With Dirty Faces
8. The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
9. If The Kids Are United
10. Sunday Morning Nightmare
11. Hurry Up Harry
12. No Entry
13. Questions And Answers
14. I Gotta Survive
15. With A Little Help From My Friends
16. Hersham Boys (7” Version)
17. I Don't Wanna (Live)
18. Rip Off (Live)
19. I'm A Man I'm A Boy(Live)
20. Tell Us The Truth (Live)
21. You're A Better Man Than I
22. Give A Dog A Bone
23. Tell The Children
24. Jack
25. Unite And Win
26. I'm A Man

Release Date: 1998
EditThe A Files (LP)

Release Date: 1997
EditSoapy Water and Mister Marmalade (LP)

Release Date: 1995
EditKings & Queens (LP)

Release Date: 1993
EditBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Live Album)

Release Date: 1993
EditLive In Japan (Live Album)

Release Date: 1993
EditInformation Libre (LP)

Release Date: 1992
EditLive At CBGB's 1988 (Live Album)

Release Date: 1991
EditLive At The Roxy Club (Live Album)

Release Date: 1990
EditLive and Loud Vol. 2 (Live Album)

Release Date: 1988
EditVolunteer (LP)

Release Date: 1988
EditLive and Loud (Live Album)

Release Date: 1987
EditThe Game (LP)

Release Date: 1980
EditHersham Boys (LP)
1. Money
2. Fly Dark Angel
3. Joey's On The Street
4. Cold Blue In The Night
5. You're A Better Man Than I
6. Hersham Boys
7. Lost On Highway 46
8. Voices
9. Questions And Answers
10. What Have We Got?

Extra tracks
Borstal Breakout (Extended Version)
If The Kids Are United (Extended Version)

Release Date: 1979
EditTell Us The Truth (LP)
1- We Gotta Fight (Live)
2- Rip Off (Live)
3- Ulster (Live)
4- George Davies Is Innocent (Live)
5- They Dont Understand (Live)
6- Borstal Breakout (Live)
7- Family Life
8- Hey Little Rich Boy
9- Im A Man, Im A Boy
10- What About The Lonely
11- Tell Us The Truth
12- Its Never Too Late
13- Whose Generation
14- What Have We Got

Release Date: 1978
EditThat's Life (LP)
1.Leave Me Alone
2.Who Gives A Damn
3.Everybody's Right, Everybody's Wrong
4.That's Life
5.Win or Lose
6.Hurry Up Harry
7.Evil Way
8.Reggae Pick Pt.1
9.Sunday Morning Nightmare
10.Reggae Pick Up Pt.2
11.Angels With Dirty Faces
12.Is This Me or Is This You?
13.The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
14.No Entry

Release Date: 1978


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