Big Moe

EditPurple World (LP)
1."[Intro] Skit"
2."Purple World" (featuring Dirty $, D-Reck, D-Gotti & Tyte Eyez)
3."S.U.C." (featuring Big Hawk & Lil' Keke)
4."Confidental Playa" (featuring Z-Ro & Tyte Eyez)
5."Purple Stuff" (featuring D-Gotti)
6."When I" (featuring D-Gotti)
7."Doctor's Office Skit"
8."Still Da Barre Baby" (featuring Ronetta Spencer)
9."Cash" (featuring Noke D & Pimp C)
10."Dime Piece Skit"
11."Dime Piece" (featuring Tyte Eyez & Ises Re)
12."Feel Me" (featurint Noke D, K-Luv & Toon)
13."It's About to Go Down" (featuring Toon, Mr. 3-2, D-Gotti, Lil' Flip & Noke D)
14."Letter" (featuring Enjoli)
15."Mashin' for Mine" (featuring Ises Re, Noke D & Dirty $)
16."We Won't Stop" (featuring Z-Ro & Dirty $)
17."Thug Thang" (featuring D-Reck, 1st Lady, Dirty $, D-Gotti & Big Pokey)
18."Parlay" (featuring Ronnie Spencer & Billy Cook)
19."Purple Stuff (Remix)" (featuring Project Pat, Big Pokey & D-Gotti)

Release Date: 2002
EditCity of Syrup (LP)
1. "Momma M.O.E (Skit)"
2. "Barre Baby" (featuring Ronnetta Spencer)
3. "Get Back" (featuring Lil' O & Big Hawk)
4. "Maan!" (featruing E.S.G. & Big Pokey)
5. "We da' Shit!" (featuring E.S.G. & Z-Ro)
6. "I'll Do It" (featuring Lil' O & Dirty $)
7. "Drank (Skit)"
8. "City of Syrup" (featuring Z-Ro & Tyte Eyez)
9. "Choppaz" (featuring D-Gotti, Noke D & D-Wreck)
10. "I Wonder" (featuring Enjoli & Tyte Eyez)
11. "Payin' Dues" (featuring Z-Ro)
12. "X (Time) 4 Change" (featuring Al-D, Will-Lean & Ronnie Spencer)
13. "Po' It Up" (featuring Big Hawk & Z-Ro)
14. "Ra-Ra (Skit)"
15. "Ridin' Candy" (featuring Noke-D, C-Nile & D-Gotti)
16. "Whatcha Want?" (featuring D-Wreck, D-Gotti, Tyte Eyez)
17. "Freestyle (Skit)"
18. "Freestyle (June 27)" (featuring D-Mo, Kici, Yungstar, Big Pokey & Haircut Joe)
19. "Leanin'" (featuring DJ Screw, Mike D & Michael Wilson)

Release Date: 2000


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