EditCygnosiC (LP)
1. The Key
2. Under The Rain
3. Miles Away
4. Now Is The Time
5. Pitch Black
6. A Place In The Sun
7. We
8. Promachos
9. Underskin
10. Unleash Your Rage
11. Real Thoughts

Release Date: 2014
EditFire And Forget (LP)
1. Fire And Forget
2. Escape
3. This Is The Night
4. Alone
5. Crawl
6. The Drowning
7. Mad Desire
8. Begin With Me
9. One Last Time
10. Behold The Lie
11. Greed
12. The Darkness
13. Find You
14. Until Glory

Release Date: 03/22/2013
EditA Deity In Pain Reborn (Compilation)
1. To Spread The Chaos
2. Luna Obscura
3. Zero Tolerance
4. You Stink Of Fear
5. Throw Away My Dust
6. The Neva55 Siren
7. In The Lag Of Time
8. One O Two
9. As Far As We Can Go
10. Luna Obscura (Chaotic Mix)
11. To Spread The Chaos (DYM Remix)
12. Zero Tolerance (NOISUF-X Remix)
13. Throw Away My Dust (VPROJEKT Version)
14. In The Lag Of Time (SIN DNA Remix)
15. Luna Obscura (NITRO/NOISE Remix)

Release Date: 11/23/2012
EditRisen (Compilation)
1. Burn (CygnosiC vs. Siva Six)
2. Blindfold (Aktivehate Remix)
3. Altered Directions (Cutoff: Sky Remix)
4. The Time Has Come (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
5. What Lies Behind (Extinction Front Remix)
6. Bury Your Hate (Studio-X Remix)
7. Realize (Diffuzion Remix)
8. Decide (Terrorkode Remix)
9. One Step Forward (De Tot Cor Remix)
10. The Fallen (Freakangel Remix)
11. As We Approach the End (Gameboy 8-Bit Remix By Video Game Orchestra)
12. Rising

Release Date: 11/17/2012
EditFallen (LP)
1. As We Approach The End
2. The Fallen
3. One Step Forward
4. Decide
5. Realize
6. Bury Your Hate
7. What Lies Behind
8. The Time Has Come
9. Altered Directions
10. Blindfold
11. Bury Your Hate (X-Fusion Rmx)
12. As We Approach The End (Preemptive Strike 0.1 Rmx)
13. Decide (Siva Six Rmx)
14. What Lies Behind (C-Lekktor Rmx)
15. As We Approach The End (DJ Liquix Rmx)

Release Date: 2011
EditOne Step Forward (EP)
1. One Step Forward
2. One Step Forward [Alien Vampires Rmx]
3. Burn [CygnosiC vs. Siva Six]
4. One Step Forward [Hydra Division V Rmx]
5. Rising

Release Date: 2011
EditA Deity In Pain (LP)
1.To Spread the Chaos
2.Luna Obscura
3.Zero Tolerance
4.You Stink of Fear
5.A Deity in Pain
6.Throw Away My Dust
8.One O Two
9.As Far as We Can Go
10.In the Lag of Time
11.Luna Obscura (Chaotic Mix)

Release Date: 2009


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