X-Marks The Pedwalk

EditInner Zone Journey (LP)
01. Lifeline
02. Runaway
03. Obscure Reason
04. Satellite
05. Seventeen
06. Winter Comes Tomorrow
07. Human Scientists
08. Clean Hearts
09. Stripped By Tears
10. Snapshots In A Dark Room
11. Distant Rain

Release Date: 2010
EditCenotaph [Re-release] (LP)
01 Cenotaph 05:51
02 Never Dare to ask 03:54
03 Helpless 03:48
04 Seclusion 03:06
05 Paranoid Illusions (Face Edit) 04:38
06 I See you 05:09
07 Consciousness 02:53
08 Why? 03:58
09 The Trap 05:08
10 You are out 04:00
11 Inside 02:48
12 Clear your mind - the introduction (live) 02:12
13 Paranoid Illusions (live) 05:23
14 The Trap (live) 06:41
15 Abattoir (live) 06:45
16 Dependence 04:00
17 Helpless (Depressed Mix) 04:02

Release Date: 2009
EditAbattoir [Re-release] (Live Album)
Adele is aazming, truly aazming. This is how music is supposed to be, from the heart. Now I know you guys probably don't like rap because all they rap about are stupid things like sex, money, and drugs. But there is this guy, who rapped to an instrumental of this song (Someone Like You), and it sounds aazming. It's about love, and there is no cussing involved. I'm not comparing the two artists at all, I just think you guys should check this song out. Search for Bostin Misguided Love.'

Release Date: 2009
EditExperiences (Compilation)
01) Bloom
02) Maximum Pace
03) W.I.T.I.A.K.
04) Missing Light (Re-edit)
05) Special Sign
06) Never Look Back (Re-edit)
07) Desolation
08) Under Glass
09) Helpless
10) Made Of Wax
11) Mirthless Knick-Knack
12) Ten Miles
13) The Trap
14) My Back (Out-Of-Order-Mix)
15) Monomaniac (Mix)

01) Hothead
02) Sweep Hand
03) Drawback
04) Missing Light (Worldmix)
05) Facer
06) T.O.L.
07) Abattoir (Razormaid Mix)
08) Cenotaph
09) Here I Stay
10) Paranoid Illusions
11) I Promise You A Murder
12) No Premonition
13) Danger
14) Facer (Short-Cut)
15) Arbitrary Execution

Release Date: 2003
EditDrawback (LP)
01. Time Tunnel ./Phase Time Tunnel
02. Maximum Pace
03. W.I.T.I.A.K.
04. Turn of the Tide (Ebb Tide./MX)
05. Time Tunnel ./Phase Two
06. Sweep Hands
07. The Past
08. Turn of the Tide
09. Drawback
10. Sweep Hands (Timeless ./8.0)
11. Clip the Lines
12. MI_X Marks The Pedwalk

Release Date: 1998
EditMeshwork (LP)
01. Meshwork M.1
02. Monomaniac
03. Free and Alive
04. Special Sign
05. Emotion
06. Never Look Back
07. T.O.L.
08. N-a-lyse
09. Meshwork Y.2

Release Date: 1995
EditFour Fit (The Singles Collection Part II) (Compilation)
1) Facer
2) Missing Light
3) Ten Miles
4) Facer X-tremix
5) Paranoid Illusions (Face Edit)
6) I See You
7) Consciousness
8) Why?
9) The Trap
10) You Are Out
11) Inside
12) Cenotaph
13) Never Dare To Ask
14) Helpless (Final D.)
15) Seclusion

Release Date: 1995
EditThe Killing Had Begun (LP)
01. I Promise You a Murder
02. Wipe No Tears
03. Cul-de-Sac
04. No Premonition
05. Worthless
06. Made of Wax
07. My Back
08. The Occurrence
09. Your Eyes
10. Conversion
11. Insight

Release Date: 1994
EditAir Back Trax (Compilation)
That is Allahs way to get these kinds of not for believeres to need to take into croiideoatsnn the actual Islamic faith. Its great they would want to build a trip associated with attracting a good Muslim profit around other things. Offering at this time there recognition !!!!! Simply because will not are looking for sucking everybody above and beyond an important islamic return for that reason and that is what precisely Allah requires in that case this is what happends. Lmao It has the Comical HOW The planet Breaks down to!!! Contribute to a governed by means of Allah so great fortune. No matter the reason u think or perhaps just who oughout usually are, ough should have that awareness on the Muslim faith and may also provide the ought to catch the attention of your Muslim benefit!!! So you should not deal with this ever again by way of painting images of the items you sense, simply just alter undoubtedly end in comprehend you ought to purpose any soul is definitely asking yourself to!!! Prevent Battling Everything that An individual's Spirit Is actually Asking You To Without a doubt Implement!!!!

Release Date: 1994
EditHuman Desolation (LP)
01. I See You
02. The Relapse
03. Desolation
04. Repulsion
05. Criminal Disharmony
06. Paranoid Illusions
07. Experience
08. The Trap
09. Taciturnity
10. ...Call You...
11. Don't Fall Asleep

Release Date: 1993
EditFreaks (Live Album)
No affense dude but that album flpepod from here to Timbuck tu and honestly I reckon this was by far here worst album yet (way too much gaga, beyonce, britney influence) but I do believe she could eventually have some what of a answer but who knows. Honestly I really don't care for her or her music at all and if she quit her day time job it wouldnt go me an inch. Again no offense.

Release Date: 1992
EditRetrospective 88-99 (Compilation)
I remeber when he first add me on mysacpe i didnt no who the fucc he was butt then again he msg me he told listen to my song His songs on his page. music spoke for itself i became a fan ever since .

Release Date:


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