Mack 10

EditSoft White (LP)
1. Big Balla (Featuring Glasses Malone & Birdman)
2. So Sharp (Featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Jazze Pha)
3. Hoo-Bangin' II (Featuring Glasses Malone)
4. Mirror, Mirror
5. Hood Famous (Featuring J. Holiday)
6. It's Your Life (Featuring Anthony Hamilton)
7. Street Shit (Featuring Glasses Malone & Butch Cassidy)
8. Clack Clack (Featuring Akon & Red Cafe)
9. Pushin'
10. Tonight
11. Dedication (To The Pen)
12. Dope Boy

Release Date: 2009
EditHustla's Handbook (LP)
1. Like This (Featuring Nate Dogg)
2. Da Bizness
3. Pop (Featuring Red Cafe and Wanted)
4. Dome Shot (Featuring Young Soprano)
5. Don't Hate Me (Featuring DL and Wanted)
6. The Testimony (Featuring Young Soprano and Pastor Steven Hamilton)
7. Step Yo Game Up (Featuring B-Real and DJ)
8. So Gangsta (Featuring Butch Cassidy)
9. I'm A Star (Featuring Ruka Puff and Bigga Brown)
10. My Chucks
11. Keep It Hood (Featuring Bre Perry)
12. Cognac & Doja (Featuring Butch Cassidy and Young Soprano)
13. By The Bar (Featuring Kanary Diamonds and Wanted)
14. Mack Sinatra (Skit)
15. Livin Just To Ball
16. Ride Out (Featuring Chingy) [Bonus Track]

Release Date: 2005
EditGhetto, Gutter & Gangster (LP)
1. Intro
2. Lights Out (Featuring Ice Cube, WC & Knoc-turn'al)
3. K To The MAC (Featuring K-Mac)
4. Please Believe It (Featuring Da Hood & Money Grip)
5. Get Yo Ride On
6. Promise To Be A Hustla (Featuring Da Hood)
7. Figaro Rida (Featuring B-Brazy)
8. Ain't Got A Penny To Give (Featuring Young Hoggs)
9. The Big Bang Theory
10. S.O.O. W.O.O. (Remix) [Featuring Reservoir Dogs]
11. Dirt (Featuring Fat Joe & Damizza)
12. Gather 'Round (Featuring Young Hoggs)
13. Gangsta (Featuring Young Hoggs, Money Grip & Young Tre)
14. The Weed Song (Featuring Young Hoggs, Skoop & Devi)
15. Look At Us Now (Featuring Da Hood & Butch Cassidy)
16. Live Wire (Featuring Young Hoggs)
17. Page I (Featuring Reservoir Dogs)
18. Double Fisted (Featuring E-40 & The Mossie)
19. In The Heart Of The Ghetto (Featuring Turf Talk)
20. Rule The World (Featuring J-Man)
21. Outro

Release Date: 2003
EditBang Or Ball (LP)
1. Intro
2. Hate In Yo Eyes
3. Let The Thugs In The Club (Featuring Lil Wayne & B.G.)
4. So Serious (Featuring Big Tymers & Mikkey)
5. Connected For Life (Featuring Ice Cube, WC & Butch Cassidy)
6. Dominoes (Skit)
7. That Bitch Is Bad (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
8. Do The Damn Thing
9. King Pin Dream (Featuring Mikkey & Baby)
10. Work
11. No Dick (Skit)
12. No Dick At All (Featuring Skoop Delania & E-40)
13. Mathematics
14. Let It Be Known (Featuring Scarface & Xzibit)
15. Announcement (Skit)
16. We Can Never Be Friends (Featuring Baby & D-Boyz
17. Dog About It (Featuring B.G.)
18. "Murder (Featuring Turk)

Release Date: 2001
EditThe Paper Route (LP)
1. Intro
2. From Tha Streetz
3. Nobody (Featuring Ice Cube, WC & Timbaland)
4. I'm Special
5. I'm Dope
6. Pimp Or Die (Featuring Techniec & Too Short)
7. Tight To Def (Featuring T-Boz)
8. Pop X (Featuring Techniec, Caviar, Xzibit, Skoop Delania & Pinky)
9. Keep It Gangsta (Featuring Jazze Pha)
10. Hustle Game
11. Spousal Abuse (Featuring Techniec & Kokane)
12. For Sale (Featuring YoungBloodZ, Big Gipp & Techniec)
13. Tha Weekend (Featuring Ice Cube & Techniec)

Release Date: 2000
EditThe Recipe (LP)
1. Intro
2. The Recipe (Featuring Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky Mack & CJ Mac)
3. You Ain't Seen Nothin' (Featuring Jermaine Dupri & Foxy Brown)
4. Made Niggaz (Featuring Master P & Mystikal)
5. Get Yo Ride On (Featuring Eazy-E & MC Eiht)
6. Money's Just A Touch Away (Featuring Gerald Levert)
7. Suck Down
8. Get A Lil Head (Featuring Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky Mack & CJ Mac)
9. For the Money (Featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard & Buckshot)
10. Ghetto Horror Show (Featuring Ice Cube & Jayo Felony)
11. "LBC And The ING (Featuring Snoop Dogg)
12. Radio Insert: Funk Master Flex
13. Let the Games Begin (Featuring Fat Joe, Big Pun & CJ Mac)
14. #1 Crew In The Area (Featuring K-Mac, Techniec, MC Eiht, CJ Mac, WC, Boo Kapone, Binky Mack, Thump & Road Dawgs)
15. Gangsta Shit's Like A Drug (Featuring Squeak Ru & Tray Dee)
16. The Letter
17. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Featuring Ice Cube & KoRn)
18. Outro

Release Date: 1998
EditBased On A True Story (LP)
1. Mack Manson (Intro)
2. Chicken Hawk II
3. Mack 10, Mack 10 (Featuring Allfrumtha I & The Comrads)
4. Bangin' Gears
5. Backyard Boogie
6. Can't Stop (Featuring E-40)
7. Tonight's The Night (Featuring Squeak Ru)
8. Aqua Boogie
9. The Guppies (Featuring Ice Cube)
10. Inglewood Swangin'
11. Dopeman
12. What You Need? (Dopeman '97)
13. Only In California (Featuring Ice Cube & Snoop Dogg)
14. Gangster Poem
15. W/S Foe Life
16. Based On A True Story

Release Date: 1997
EditMack 10 (LP)
1. Mickey D's Lick (Intro)
2. Foe Life (Featuring Ice Cube)
3. Wanted Dead
4. On Them Thangs
5. Pigeon Coup
6. Chicken Hawk
7. Here Comes The G
8. Westside Slaughterhouse (Featuring Ice Cube and WC)
9. Niggas Dog Scrapping
10. Armed And Dangerous
11. H.O.E.K. (Featuring K-Dee)
12. 10 Million Ways
13. Mozi-Wozi
14. Mack 10's The Name

Release Date: 1995


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