EditAncient Spirit Rising (LP)
1. The Messenger
2. Tempest Calling
3. The Lady Of Shalott
4. I Stand Alone (After The Fall)
5. Ancient Spirit Rising
6. On The Wings Of The Firebird
7. Another Time, Another Place, Another Space
8. Sky Rider
9. How The Mighty Has Fallen
10. Too Scared To Run (bonus track)

Release Date: 2007
EditEmperor of the Black Runes (LP)
1. Ouverture Mortale (Intro)
2. Battle Gods (of the Universe)
3. Arioch, the Chaos Star
4. The Aquilonia Suite Part I
5. The Prince in the Scarlet Robe
6. Icarus Ascending
7. The Song of the Swords
8. The Sun of the New Season
9. True Believer
10. The Forest of Light

Release Date: 2004
EditStormbringer Ruler (LP)
1. The Legend of the Power Supreme
2. The Hurricane Master
3. Horn of Fate
4. The Ride of the Valkyries
5. True Leader of Men
6. The Bearer of the Black Sword
7. The Fall of the Spiral Tower
8. For Evermore
9. Dawn of a New Day - A Celtic Requiem

Release Date: 2002
EditDragonlord (LP)
1. Anthem (a Declaration of War)
2. Thunderstorm
3. Last of the Dragonlord (Lord Elric's
Imperial March)
4. Blood Brother's Fight
5. Defenders
6. Mars, the Bringer of War
7. Dragonlord (the Grandmaster of the Mightiest
8. Uriel, the Flame of God
9. The Ship of the lost souls
10. The Battle for the Great Silver Sword (a
Suite in VII Parts)

Release Date: 1999
EditChampion Eternal (LP)
1. Hymn
2. The Mass of Chaos
3. The Chronicles of the Black Sword
4. The Freedom Flight
5. Army of the Dead
6. The Proclamation
7. Dark Emperor
8. Rising From the Flames
9. The Midnight Meat Train
The Eternal Champion

Release Date: 1997


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