EditRed Shift (LP)
1. Naked Eye
2. Lured Decoy
3. Cyphred
4. Bluntness
5. Buried
6. Mindscape
7. Descent to Dion
8. I, Befouled
9. 6 Bloodmarks
10. Sharpedge Solitude
11. Red Shift

Release Date: 2002
EditAbsence Spells Beyond ... (LP)
1. Strengthened Are the Stems of Nasturtium
2. Sinking Trails of Wisdom
3. Absence Spells Beyond...
4. Epitaph... (King Crimson cover)

Release Date: 1999
EditTrapped in the Depths of Eve ... (LP)
1. Cry the Way We Greet Our Fates
2. Victorious Men of Earth
3. Omens (Presagios)
4. A Call in the Winds...
5. The Dark Force
6. Last Battle (Tower of Doom)
7. Lost in Natura
8. The Choirs of the Elemental Deities
9. Prelude in Dusk
10. Placious Echoes at Darkwoods You Greet... Silvering Moon Between My Shadows
11. Outroduction

Release Date: 1997
EditThe Quest for Eldenhor (EP)
1. Legends of the Great Magic War
2. The Freezing Winds of Kiljaarn
3. The Last Battle (Tower of Doom)
4. Soul Screams
5. The Return of the Hero

Release Date: 1996
EditSongs of War (Demo) (EP)
1. Revenge
2. I Summon the Dark Spirit
3. Songs of War
4. Raise the Magic Power

Release Date: 1995


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