Master Musicians Of Bukkake

EditFar West (LP)
1. White Mountain Return
2. γη-νομος / Gnomi
3. Arche
4. Cave Of Light: Prima Materia
5. You Are A Dream Like Your Dreamer: The Dark Peace
6. Circular Ruins

Release Date: 06/11/2013
EditTotem Three (LP)
1. Bardo Sidpa
2. In The Twilight of Kali Yuga
3. Illuminating the Ten Directions / Mahur
4. Prophecy of the White Camel / Namoutarre
5. 6000 Years of Darkness
6. Reign of Quantity and the Sign of the Times
/ Patriarch of the Iron Age
7. Failed Future

Release Date: 2011
EditTotem Two (LP)
1. Bardo Chonyid / Master of All Visible Shapes
2. Perde Kaldirma
3. The Heresy of Origen
4. Coincidentia Oppositorum
5. The Crystal Reformation
6. Patmos

Release Date: 2010
EditTotem One (LP)

Release Date: 2009
EditThe Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order (LP)
1. Enter The Wang
2. Bukkake Sunrise
3. Yellow Bile/Desperate Ground
4. Lucky Duck
5. Pipestone Octopus With Horseheart
6. Access Of Evil
7. The White Death
8. Invisible Order
9. Horseheart Revolution
10. Pillow Of Green Light
11. My Dust Will Be What I Am
12. Hidden From The Hidden Ones
13. Custody's Last Battle/Secret Wars
14. Black Bile
15. Circular And Made Of The Earth

Release Date: 2004


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