Cotton Jones

EditAbout The Game (EP)
1. About The Game
2. That Wheel

Release Date: 08/02/2012
EditSit Beside Your Vegetables (EP)
1. Down Beside Em 03:48
2. Lune Chatter 02:16
3. Egg On A Sea 02:48
4. Good In Every Word 01:54

Release Date: 2011
EditTall Hours In the Glowstream (LP)
1.Sail of the Silver Morning 3:25
2.Somehow To Keep It Going 4:36
3.Glorylight and Christie 3:34
4.Man Climbs Out of the Winter 3:52
5.Song In Numbers 3:27
6.Soft Mountain Shake 1:56
7.Place At the End of the Street3:10
8.More Songs For Margaret 3:40
9.Goethe Nayburs 1:47
10.Dream On Columbia Street 2:51
11.No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago) 3:02

Release Date: 2010
EditRio Ranger (EP)
1. Only Minutes Young
2. Nicotine Canaries
3. Don't Got A Lotta Time
4. Always Feeling Good
5. Where You Stop For A Minute

Release Date: 2009
EditParanoid Cocoon (LP)
1. Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have)
2. Gotta Cheer Up
3. Some Strange Rain
4. Gone the Bells
5. Photo Summerlude
6. By Morning Light
7. Cotton & Velvet
8. Little Ashtray in the Sun
9. Blood Red Sentimental Blues
10. I am the Changer

Release Date: 2009
EditThe River Strumming (LP)
1. "It Comes to Me Now (In Fuzz)"
2. To Death with You"
3. "Chewing Gum [Concrete Tooth Mix]"
4. "The Spinning Wheel"
5. "...and Again/She's the Window-Hog"
6. "Midnight Monday, And a Telescope"
7. "I Was Stoned by the Choir"
8. "It May Never Pass Again"
9. "If I Ever Grow That Old"
10. "I Do What I Do: Exist & Pass"
11. "I Don't Suppose [Unrelaxed]"

Release Date: 2008
EditThe Archery EP (EP)
1. To Death With You
2. All Along The Year
3. Friends And Such
4. Mary
5. Sing In A Band
6. Miracle Bound

Release Date: 2007


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