EditAutomatic Thrill (LP)
1.Automatic Thrill
2.Take It
3.Car Full Of Stash
4.Here Come The Pigs
5.Dingdong Thing
6.A Call From The Other Side
7.Shaking So Bad"
9.Put Me On A Plate
10.Dr. Doktor
11.The Good Times Used To Kill Me

Release Date: 2004
EditBasement Apes (LP)
1. Reversed
2. Brutus
3. Losing End
4. Easy Living
5. Little Man
6. Not Enough for You
7. Round and Round
8. Black Book Lodge
9. It Won't Be
10. Shotgun Seat
11. Powertools and Piss
12. I Saw the Stones Move

Release Date: 2002
EditTender is the Savage (LP)
1. "I Got A War"
2. "Chewin' Fingers"
3. "Ducktail Heat"
4. "The General Says Hell Yeah"
5. "Red Noses, Shit Poses"
6. "Drunk And Pompous"
7. "Rip-Off Strasse"
8. "Dog Day, Dog Night"
9. "Sputnik Monroe"
10. "Exit At Gate Xero"
11. "Thunder And Lightning"
12. "Wham Bam Thank You Mam"
13. "Get That Psycho Out Of My Face"

Release Date: 2000
EditSoaring With The Eagles At Night, To Rise With The (LP)
1. "Bossheaded"
2. "Go Away Man"
3. "The Year Of Manly Living"
4. "Get The Horn"
5. "Critical Minute"
6. "Silver Wings"
7. "Lord Of The Dusk"
8. "Deadend Beat"
9. "Clean Gone Mean"
10. "Heart Of A Bad Machine"
11. "Gimme Solid Gold"

Release Date: 1998
EditRidin' The Tiger (LP)
1. "Leather Chair"
2. "Rock'n Roll Asshole"
3. "Bounced Checks"
4. "Evil Matcher"
5. "Rock Throne"
6. "Burnin' White"
7. "Titanium Sunset"
8. "We're Out Loud"
9. "Obi Damned Kenobi"
10. "Under My Hood"
11. "(Untitled Hidden Track)"

Release Date: 1997


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