Edit"Georgeless" EP (EP)
1. On The Front
2. Big Man Business
4. Studio Of The Lawns
5. Joe McCarthy's Ghost

Release Date: 1993
EditBallot Result (Live Album)
Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
I Felt Like A Gringo
Jesus And Tequila
King Of The Hill
No One
Mr. Robot's Holy Orders
Ack Ack Ack
History Lesson Part II
This Ain't No Picnic
The Cheerleaders
Split Red
Shit You Hear At Parties
Take Our Test
The Punch Line
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
If Reagan Played Disco
No! No! No! To Draft And War/Joe McCarthy's

Release Date: 1987
Edit3-Way Tie (For Last) (LP)
1. Price of Paradise
2. Lost
3. The Big Stick
4. Political Nightmare
5. Courage
6. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
7. The Red and the Black
8. Spoken Word Piece
9. No One
10. Stories
11. What Is It
12. Ack Ack Ack
13. Just Another Soldier
14. Situations at Hand
15. Hittin' the Bong
16. Bermuda

Release Date: 1985
Edit"Tour-Spiel" EP (EP)
Hahd Rock:
1. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
2. The Red and the Black

Hahd Kor:
3. Green River
4. Lost

Release Date: 1985
EditProject Mersh (EP)
The Cheerleaders
King of the Hill
Hey Lawdy Mama
Take Our Test
More Spiel

Release Date: 1985
EditDouble Nickels on the Dime (LP)
1. D.'s Car Jam/Anxious Mo-Fo
2. Theatre Is the Life of You
3. Viet Nam
4. Cohesion
5. It's Expected I'm Gone
6. #1 Hit Song
7. Two Beads at the End
8. Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?
9. Don't Look Now
10. Shit from an Old Notebook
11. Nature Without Man
12. One Reporters Opinion
13. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
14. Maybe Partying Will Help
15. Toadies
16. Retreat
17. Big Foist
18. God Bows to Math
19. Corona
20. Glory of Man
21. Take 5, D.
22. My Heart and the Real World
23. History Lesson, Pt. 2
24. You Need the Glory
25. Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts
26. West Germany
27. Politics of Time
28. Themselves
29. Please Don't Be Gentle With Me
30. Nothing Indeed
31. No Exchange
32. There Ain't Shit on T.V. Tonight
33. This Ain't No Picnic
34. Spillage
35. Untitled Song for Latin America
36. Jesus and Tequila
37. June 16th
38. Storm in My House
39. Martin's Story
40. Doctor Wu
41. World According to Nouns
42. Love Dance
43. Three Car Jam

Release Date: 1984
EditThe Politics of Time (Compilation)
Base King
Working Men are Pissed
I Shook Hands
Below the Belt
Shit You Hear at Parties
The Big Lounge Scene
Maternal Rite
Tune for Wind God
Party With Me Punker
The Process
Joy Jam
Tony Gets Wasted in Pedro
Swing to the Right
¡Raza Si!
Futurism Restated
Suburban Dialectic
On Trial
Spraycan Wars
My Part
Ack Ack Ack
The Big Blast for Youth

Release Date: 1984
EditBuzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat (EP)
3.Dream Told By Moto
4.Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker!
5.The Toe Jam#I Felt Like A Gringo
6.Felt Like A Gringo
7.The Product
8.Little Man With A Gun In His Hand

Release Date: 1983
EditWhat Makes a Man Start Fires? (LP)
1. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
2. One Chapter In The Book
3. Fake Contest
4. Beacon Sighted Through Fog
5. Mutiny In Jonestown
6. East Wind/Faith
7. Pure Joy
8. '99
9. The Anchor
10. Sell Or Be Sold
11. The Only Minority
12. Split Red
13. Colors
14. Plight
15. The Tin Roof
16. Life As A Rehearsal
17. This Road
18. Polarity

Release Date: 1983
EditBean-Spill (EP)
Split Red
If Reagan Played Disco
Case Closed
Futurism Restated

Release Date: 1982
EditThe Punch Line (LP)
1. Search
2. Tension
3. Games
4. Boiling
5. Disguises
6. The Struggle
7. Monuments
8. Ruins
9. Issued
10. The Punch Line
11. Song For El Salvador
12. History Lesson
13. Fanatics
14. No Parade
15. Staight Jacket
16. Gravity
17. Warfare
18. Static

Release Date: 1981
EditJoy (EP)
Black Sheep
More Joy

Release Date: 1981
EditParanoid Time (EP)
1. "Validation"
2. "The Maze"
3. "Definitions"
4. "Sickles And Hammers" (instrumental)
5. "Fascist" (Boon)
6. "Joe McCarthy's Ghost"
7. "Paranoid Chant"

Release Date: 1980


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