EditExtreme Noise (LP)
1. The Complexity Of Life
2. Chemical Suicide
3. Passive Punks
4. Nothing For Us
5. Puppets On A String
6. O.S.L.
7. South Africa
8. Hippies
9. Opium Of The Masses
10. Dance 'Till You Drop
11. Revolting Youth
12. Gesprek Met De Minister-President/Haagse Mafia
13. Pigeon
14. Police Threats
15. Crucify The Pope
16. Only Reality
17. Our Future
18. Red Brigades
19. Wodka
20. Disorder
21. N.R.I.P.
22. Don't Wanna Pay Their Debts
23. Ban The Bomb
24. Vivisection
25. Boredom
26. Too Old
27. The Pogo
28. It's Not What It Seems To Be
29. T.V. Spots
30. Obsessed By Your Image
31. Wodka
32. Ignorance
33. Escape To Death
34. Drunk Freak
35. Chemical Suicide
36. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
37. No Words No Lyrics
38. No One Can Be That Dumb
39. Dollars And Roebels
40. Non-Conformity
41. Our Future / Don't Wanna Pay Their Debts
42. Up To You
43. It's Up To You
44. Sheer Mountains
45. Dollars And Roebels
46. Ignorance
47. Negative Approach
48. Concrete
49. No One Can Be That Dumb
50. Escape To Death
51. Metal Attitude Sucks (M.A.S.)
52. Nuclear Barbeque Party
53. Puppets On A String
54. Home Broken Home
55. Megalo Mania
56. Junk
57. Work / Mad
58. Settled
59. Troubled Mind
60. Mouth Full Of Teeth
61. Move To Russia
62. Ask More
63. A-Political Dick
64. Woensdrecht
65. Who's One?
66. Animals Have Feelings Too
67. Start
68. Bubba's Revenge
69. Shades
70. Smog
71. Violence Sucks!
72. Outro
73. Destroy Sexism
74. Vader Abraham
75. Victim

Release Date: 1997
EditStraight On View (LP)
It's Up To You
Sheer Mountains
Dollars And Roebels
Negative Approach
No One Can Be That Dumb
Escape To Death
Metal Attitude Sucks (M.A.S.)
Nuclear Barbeque Party
Puppets On A String
Home Broken Home
Megalo Mania
Troubled Mind
Puppets On A String
Chemical Suicide
T.V. Spots
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not What It Seems To Be
Escape To Death
No Words, No Lyrics
It's Up To You
Metal Attitude Sucks (M.A.S.)
Our Future
Don't Wanna Pay Their Debts
Dollars And Roebels
Drunk Freak
Vader Abraham

Release Date: 1986


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