EditTheodicy (LP)
1. Theodicy
2. El Shaddai
3. Ochlocracy
4. Mandatory Mayhem
5. Amor Sui
6. Parasite

Release Date: 2015
EditDemiurge Of The Void (LP)
1. No Gods Before Me
2. Code of a Dead Deity
3. Absolute of Hatred
4. Born to Loathe
5. Extreme Unction
6. And the Word Became Flesh
7. Demirge of the Void
8. Panacea

Release Date: 2011
EditGospel of Maggots (LP)
1. Onward to Nothing
2. Psychopathological Compulsion
3. Trial of Bloodletting
4. Failed Mutation
5. Wretched Idolatry
6. Infernal Cleansing
7. Kept In The Dark
8. Gospel of Maggots
9. Ascendancy Through Obliteration
10. Burning The Falsehood

Release Date: 2010
EditEmanation From Below (LP)
1.Blackness Incarnate
2.No Father Of Mine
3.Realm of Desecration
4.War March
5.Divibe Defilement
6.Battle For Dominance

Release Date: 2006
EditHostile Blood (EP)
1. Chasm Chamber
2. Hostile Blood
3. Encircled by Nothingness
4. Scarcity of Suffering
5. Throw of the Fetters

Release Date: 2003


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