Short Bus Pile Up

EditRepulsive Display of Human Upholstery (LP)
1. Ball-Peen Beating
2. Urethral Myiasis
3. Labia Beautification
4. Necrotic Skin Stitching
5. Stench of Her Burning Flesh
6. Fecal Matters
7. Appeasing the Butcher
8. Gagging on Dick
9. Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery

Release Date: 2010
EditThe Most Disgusting Thing Ever Created by Man... (LP)
1. Super Sonic Penetration (AIDS Is a Baby That
You Get in Your Butt)
2. Pus-Filled Necrofuck of Hurt
3. Prenatal Stench of the Pink Ranger
4. Infested Vaginal Tissue
5. Disembowled Nun-Munching Fellatio Combo I.
No Pickles, No Mustard
6. Goat-Headed Whorebeast
7. Bile in the Shape of Satan

Release Date: 2006
EditWe Keep the Dancefloor Dirty with Bottles and Shit (LP)
1. My Undertongue Is Raw due to Cunniligus
2. Warning! Do not Attempt to Stop Chainsaw
with Hand or Genitals
3. Jiz Gizzard
4. White Collar Love Song
5. Interlude (The Beauty in all Us Metal
6. Candy Coated BJ's
7. Suturing the Fuckhole
8. Remember That Time We Stomped That Dead
Dear Carcass
9. I Have Erectile Disfunction Now Thanks to
Lorraina Bobbit
10. Vasoconstrictor
11. I Do My Crossword Puzzles in Pen (On
Broken Wings cover)

Release Date: 2006


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