EditComadre (LP)
1. Color Blind
2. Cold Rain
3. King Worm
4. Summercide
5. The Moon
6. Drag Blood
7. Must Be Nice
8. Storyteller
9. Hack
10. Untitled
11. Binge
12. Date Night

Release Date: 01/08/2013
EditCold Rain (EP)
01. Cold rain
02. Too much TV
03. Free based

Release Date: 10/01/2012
EditMixtape Vol. 5 (Compilation)
2.Free Based
3.Loma Prieta - Trilogy 4
4.Daikon - It's Either Raining Or It's Not
5.Punch - Four Letters
6.Funeral Diner - Two More
7.Ghostlimb - Bearing Witness
8.Broadway Calls - Heartbreak In Portland's
Living Room
9.Trainwreck - Crooked Rooms

Release Date: 2011
EditMixtape Vol. 4 (Compilation)
2.Good Night Sweet Prince (feat Dead To Me)
3.Hamlets Remix (feat P.O.S and Atlas)
4.Sleep is the Cousin of Death (feat Ghostlimb)
5.18 Wheels (The Murder City Devils cover, feat
Glasses and Trainwreck)
6.King Jeremy (feat Broadway Calls)

Release Date: 2010
EditA Wolf Ticket (LP)
1. Hamlets
2. Tannerisms
3. Viva Hate pt. I
4. Viva Hatept. II
5. Word Is Bond
6. Grow Worms
7. King Jeremy
8. Suicides May Have Been Pact

Release Date: 2009
EditMore Songs About The Man (LP)
1. Burn The Scene!
2. Fill The Void!
3. Who's Got The Golden Ticket Now!
4. The Hole In The Ship, S.O.S!
5. Pause (Kid Dynamite Cover)
6. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover)
7. The Trials! (Live @ KZU)
8. There Is No Title, Only Zuul! (Title Remix By Mr. Lev Perrey)
9. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest!
10. Instrumental!
11. Are You Guys Telling Jokes I Like Jokes!
12. Welcome To Bloodtown, Population Buried!

Release Date: 2006
EditBurn Your Bones (LP)
1. Make Me Believe
2. Breakfast of Champions
3. El Padro Macho
4. The Southern Comfort Smile
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Blackland Dirt
7. Hey, Holmes, Slow Down...
8. ...Naw, You Catch Up
9. The Hole in the Ship SOS
10. Give Me Hell
11. Hit Me Up On My Celly-Cell

Release Date: 2006
EditThe Youth (LP)
1. The Trees Are Starting To Move Now...
2. City Slickers Part Six!
3. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest!
4. Well Damn, If We All Ate the Berries We Might As Well Die Together!
5. Slangin' Rocks In The House of God!
6. Remind Me Never To Stick My Hand Out The Window Again!
7. I Think We're Alone Now!
8. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes!
9. Welcome To Bloodtown, Population Buried!
10. The Trials!
11. I Sleep With My Eyes Open!
12. ...And Everything Is Falling Together, Into A Right Place

Release Date: 2004


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