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EditTinkers to Evers to Chance (Compilation)
1 Beach State Rocking
2 Bad Year at U.C.L.A.
3 Sleeping Through Heaven
4 Something to Show
5 Penny, Things Won't
6 Metal and Glass Exact
7 Shark Pretty
8 Nine Lives to Rigel Five
9 The Red Baron
10 24
11 Curse of the Frontier Land
12 I Turned Her Away
13 Regenisraen
14 Erica's Word
15 Crash Into June
16 Like a Girl Jesus
17 We Love You, Carol and Alison
18 The Real Sheila
19 Together Now, Very Minor
20 Room for One More, Honey
21 Leilani
22 Throwing the Election

Release Date: 1990
EditTwo Steps From the Middle Ages (LP)
1. Room for One More, Honey
2. What the Whole World Wants
3. The Picture of Agreeability
4. Amelia, Have You Lost
5. Rolling With the Moody Girls
6. Wyoming
7. In a Delorean
8. You Drive
9. Leilani
10. Wish I Could Stand or Have
11. Don't Entertain Me Twice
12. Throwing the Election
13. Initiations Week

Release Date: 1988
EditLolita Nation (LP)

Release Date: 1987
EditBig Shot Chronicles (LP)

Release Date: 1986
EditReal Nighttime (LP)
1. Here Comes Everybody
2. 24
3. Waltz the Halls Always
4. I Mean It This Time
5. Friend of the Family
6. If and When It Falls Apart
7. Curse of the Frontierland
8. Rayon Drive
9. She'll Be a Verb
10. Real Nighttime
11. You Can't Have Me
12. I Turned Her Away
13. Any Other Hand
14. I Want to Hold Your Hand
15. Couldn't I Just Tell You

Release Date: 1985


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