EditThe Crowning Horror (LP)
1. The Funeral Hours
2. A Face Obscured by Death
3. Volcanic Eyes
4. Devil’s Mark
5. Holocaust
6. The Abomination of the God
7. Thirteen Chimes
8. Demon
9. The Crowning Horror
10. Eternal Curse

Release Date: 06/18/2013
EditBlack Oath c/w Morbid Revelation (EP)
1. Black Oath
2. Morbid Revelation

Release Date: 04/16/2013
EditRest in Morbid Darkness (LP)
1. Possessed by the Beast
2. Nights in the Cursed Chapel
3. Blessed by Hellfire
4. Rest in Morbid Darkness
5. Bestial Crucifixion
6. Vomit up the Blood of Jesus
7. Shadows of the Dead
8. Final Strike of Doom
9. The Lust for Cruelty

Release Date: 2008
EditEvil Return (EP)
1. Damnation Until Death
2. Evil Return

Release Date: 2006
EditIn Total Contempt (LP)
1. Thrones Ablaze
2. Beyond Redemption
3. In Total Contempt
4. A Vengeance Rising
5. Cold Stare
6. Slaves of Celestial Bounds
7. Dreams of Life seem Morbid
8. Into Deep Black Halls

Release Date: 2005
EditDauðafærð (EP)
1. Lífit es dauðafærð

Release Date: 2004
EditDesecration (LP)
1. Ninth Nocturnal Departure
2. Commanding Armageddon
3. Hours of Eternity and Death
4. Dark Northern Winters
5. Descending
6. I am the Plague

Release Date: 2003
EditBlasphemy Is My Throne (EP)
1. Blasphemy is my Throne
2. Along the Path of the Fallen
3. Towards Desolation
4. Circle of Damnation's Fire
5. When Darkness is Complete
6. Thorns from Underneath

Release Date: 2002


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