The Rosebuds

EditSand + Silence (LP)
1. In My Teeth
2. Sand + Silence
3. Give Me A Reason
4. Blue Eyes
5. Mine Mine Mine
6. Wait A Minute
7. Esse Quam Videri
8. Death Of An Old Bike
9. Looking
10. Walking
11. Tiny Bones

Release Date: 2014
EditLoud Planes Fly Low (LP)
1. Go Ahead
2. Limitless Arms
3. Second Bird of Paradise
4. Come Visit Me
5. Without a Focus
6. Waiting for You
7. Woods
8. A Story
9. Cover Ears
10. Worthwhile

Release Date: 2011
EditLife Like (LP)
1. Life Like
2. Cape Fear
3. Border Guards
4. Bow to the Middle
5. Nice Fox
6. Another Way In
7. Concordia Military Club
8. Hello Darlin
9. Black Hole
10. In the Backyard

Release Date: 2008
EditNight of the Furies (LP)
1. My Punishment for Fighting
2. Cemetery Lawn
3. I Better Run
4. Get Up Get Out
5. Silence by the Lakeside
6. Hold on to This Coat
7. Silja Line
8. When the Lights Went Dim
9. Night of the Furies

Release Date: 2007
EditBirds Make Good Neighbors (LP)
1.Hold Hands and Fight
3.Leaves Do Fall
5.The Lovers' Rights
6.Blue Bird
8.Shake Our Tree
9.Let Us Go
10.Warm Where You Lay
11.4-Track Love Song

Release Date: 2005
EditThe Rosebuds Unwind (EP)
1. You Better Get Ready
2. El Camino
3. Is There Room?
4. Unwind
5. Edmund Street
6. I'd Feel Better

Release Date: 2005
EditThe Rosebuds Make Out (LP)
1.Back to Boston
2.Kicks in the Schoolyard
3.My Downtown Friends
4.Wishes for Kisses
5.Boys Who Love Girls
6.Drunkards Worst Nightmare
7.Big Heartbreak
8.Waiting for the Carnival
9.What Can I Do?
10.Signature Drinks
11.Make Out Song

Release Date: 2003


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