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EditLove Is War (LP)
1. Kingdom Burning Down
2. Dangerzone [Long Version]
3. Band That Never Existed
4. Rockstarz
5. Shadows on the Moon
6. Black Symphony
7. Pray
8. Battlefield
9. Spirit of the Dawn
10. Insane in Vain
11. Bad Girls
12. Silence

Release Date: 2006
EditBest Of (Compilation)
1. Tough Enough
2. Don't Go Too Fast
3. When The Indians Cry
4. Blue Tattoo
5. Cool Vibes
6. My Puzzle of Dreams
7. Never Gotta Know
8. Traces of Sadness
9. Liar
10. Don't You Realize
11. I Know
12. Corner of My Mind
13. Destroyed By You
14. Tough Enough (Extended Version)
15. Blue Tattoo (Extended Version)
16. Megamix (Extended Version)

Release Date: 2005
EditBlue Tattoo (LP)
1. Blue Tattoo
2. Cool Vibes
3. Never Gotta Know
4. Just Another Day to Live
5. I Don't Care at All
6. The Coldest Night
7. Hellracer
8. I Know
9. Corner of My Mind
10. Undercover Girl
11. My Puzzle of Dreams
12. Nero
13. Just Another Day to Live [Extended Version]
14. Corner of My Mind [Extended Version]

Release Date: 2005
EditTraces of Sadness (LP)
1."Tough Enough"
2."Traces of Sadness"
4."When the Indians Cry"
5."Don't Go Too Fast"
8."Don't You Realize"
10."Metal Queen"
11."Looking For a Hero"
12."Destroyed By You"
13."Traces of Sadness" (Extended Version)
14."Heartless" (Extended Version)

Release Date: 2004


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