Parachutes (DE)

EditBlueprints (LP)
1. Through The Mist
2. Comas
3. Let Me Build A Bridge And Tear It Down
4. Dark Waters
5. Mirror Universe
6. Cascades Of Light
7. Shard Collector
8. Gezeitenwechsel
9. The Downfall
10. Arcane
11. Javelins
12. Kammerflimmern
13. A Luminous Black

Release Date: 10/09/2012
EditThe Working Horse (LP)
1. My children will be giants
2. Thrones
3. Rough tracks for roughnecks
4. Dead lights
5. The watchers report
6. I won't miss a part of this
7. How are you feeling, Jimmy ? Like a mean
motherfucker, Sir !
8. Get bitches or die tryin'
9. Fleshwounds and fireworks
10. Failing a cure
11. The working horse

Release Date: 2009
EditVultures (LP)
1. Fists up and boots off motherfuckers
2. Flatlines
3. March of the machines
4. Vultures
5. Ignorance is bliss
6. The spell
7. Buckle your belt Dorothy cause Kansas is
going bye bye
8. I'm a steamin' son of a gun
9. Throw the towel! Throw the damn towel!!!
10. Neverender

Release Date: 2008
EditAnd I won’t stop until you’ve lost everything... (LP)
1. seven feet from where you call it save
2. gentlemen choose your weapons
3. the fallen
4. as he was down on his knees
5. blood over port-au-prince
6. dear angel thank you for this apocalypse
7. uncensored
8. hidden chambers hidden hands
9. from my cold dead hands
10. i carve your name into my arms
11. i just wanted to destroy something
12. the scissor scenes

Release Date: 2006


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