Social Distortion

EditHard Times and Nursery Rhymes (LP)
1. Road Zombie
2. California (Hustle and Flow)
3. Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
4. Diamond in the Rough
5. Machine Gun Blues
6. Bakersfield
7. Far Side of Nowhere
8. Alone and Forsaken
9. Writing on the Wall
10. Can't Take It With You
11. Still Alive

Release Date: 2011
EditGreatest Hits (Compilation)
1. Another State of Mind
2. Mommy's Little Monster
3. Prison Bound
4. Story of My Life
5. Ball and Chain
6. Ring of Fire
7. Bad Luck
8. When the Angels Sing
9. I Was Wrong
10. Reach for the Sky
11. Far Behind

Release Date: 2007
EditSex, Love and Rock'n'Roll (LP)
1- Reach For The Sky
2- Highway 101
3- Dont Take Me For Granted
4- Footprints On My Ceiling
5- Nickels And Dime
6- I Wasnt Born To Follow
7- Winners And Losers
8- Faithless
9- Live Before You Die
10- Angels Wings

Release Date: 2004
EditLive in Orange County (DVD) (Live Album)
- Making Believe
- 1945
- Sick Boy
- Telling Them
- Bad Luck
- Footprints on My Ceiling
- Don't Drag Me Down
- I Wasn't Born to Follow
- Another State of Mind
- The Creeps
- Mommy's Little Monster
- Mass Hysteria
- 99 to Life
- Ring of Fire
- Story of My Life

Release Date: 2004
EditLive At The Roxy Club (Live Album)
1. Story Of My Life
2. Bad Luck
3. Under My Thumb
4. Prison Bound
5. Mommy\'s Little Monster
6. Mass Hysteria
7. The Creeps
8. Another State Of Mind
9. Let It Be Me
10. No Pain, No Gain
11. Cold Feelings
12. Telling Them
13. I Was Wrong
14. 1945
15. Don\'t Drag Me Down
16. Ball & Chain
17. Ring Of Fire

Release Date: 1998
EditWhite Light White Heat White Trash (LP)
1.Dear Lover
2.Don't Drag Me Down
4.I Was Wrong
5.Through These Eyes
6.Down On The World Again
7.When The Angels Sing
8.Gotta Know The Rules
9.Crown of Thorns
10.Pleasure Seeker
11.Down Here (With The Rest of Us)
12.Under My Thumb

Release Date: 1996
EditMainliner: Wreckage from the Past (Compilation)
1. 1945 (Posh Boy Version)
2. Playpen (Posh Boy Version)
3. Mainliner
4. Moral Threat
5. All the Answers
6. Justice for All
7. Under My Thumb
8. 1945 (13th Floor Version)
9. Playpen (13th Floor Version)
10. Mass Hysteria

Release Date: 1995
EditSomewhere Between Heaven And Hell (LP)
1.Cold Feelings
2.Bad Luck
3.Making Believe
4.Born To Lose
5.Bye Bye Baby
6.When She Begins
7.99 To Life
8.King of Fools
9.Sometimes I Do
10.This Time Darlin'
11.Ghost Town Blues

Release Date: 1992
EditSocial Distortion (LP)
1.So Far Away
2.Let It Be Me
3.Story Of My Life
4.Sick Boys
5.Ring Of Fire
6.Ball And Chain
7.It Coulda Been Me
8.She's A Knockout
9.A Place In My Heart
10.Drug Train

Release Date: 1990
EditPrison Bound (LP)
1. It\'s The Law
2. Indulgence
3. Like An Outlaw
4. Backstreet Girl
5. Prison Bound
6. No Pain No Gain
7. On My Nerves
8. I Want What I Want
9. Lawless
10. Lost Child

Release Date: 1988
EditMommy's Little Monster (LP)
1. The Creeps
2. Another State of Mind
3. It Wasn't a Pretty Picture
4. Telling Them
5. Hour of Darkness
6. Mommy's Little Monster
7. Anti-Fashion
8. All the Answers
9. Moral Threat

Release Date: 1983


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