Shub Niggurath

EditA Deadly Call from the Stars (LP)

Release Date: 2011
EditHorror Creatures (LP)
1. Intro / Nightmare From Beyond
2. Hybrid Race (Carnage of Bestiality)
3. Disembowelment Slaughter to the Flesh
4. Horror Creatures / Outro
5. Abominations of Ancient Gods
6. Demons Conjuration
7. Legions From the Absu
8. Unnamable Evocation
9. Subhuman Immortality
10. Disembowelment Slaughter to the Flesh (live)
11. Morbid Race (live)
12. Abominations of Ancient Gods (live)
13. The Truth (live)
14. Demons Conjuration (live)
15. Legions From the Absu (live)

*tracks 1-4 from the "Horror Creatures" demo (1990)
*tracks 5-6 from the "Unknown Adorer" EP (1991)
*tracks 7-9 from the "Blasphemies of Nether World" EP (1992)
*tracks 10-15 from a show in 1993

Release Date: 2002
EditThe Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon on Earth) (LP)

Release Date: 1997
EditHorror Creatures (Demo) (EP)

Release Date: 1990


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