EditLaideronnette (LP)
1. Monotonous Purgatory
2. Noctambulist
3. Sacred Play Secret Place
4. Instant Immortal
5. Cut All Trees
6. Butterfly Soup
7. Hallucinatory Halo
8. Oblivion
9. Niedola
10. Gentle Afternoon

Release Date: 12/12/2012
EditCoctura (LP)
1. Sink Into The Sin (Remixed By world’s end girlfriend)
2. My Funeral Rehearsal (Remixed By Goldmund)
3. Tyrant’s Miniature Garden (Remixed By Tujiko Noriko)
4. Viridian (Crescent Version ) Vocals By Yuko From miimi
5. Ezekiel (Remixed By Riow Arai)
6. Beyond (Remixed By Headphones Remote)
7. Slowsnow (Remixed By FORT WAYNE)
8. Evening Gleam Between Clouds (Gleamy Loop Version) Remixed By mondii
9. Anesthetic (Remixed By aus)
10. February Lifesaver (November Version)

Release Date: 2009
EditZatracenie (LP)
1. Sink Into The Sin
2. Slowsnow
3. Evening Gleam Between Clouds
4. Viridian
5. My Funeral Rehearsak
6. Tyrant's Miniature Garden
7. Anesthetic
8. Ezekiel
9. Beyond
10. February Lifesaver

Release Date: 2008


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