No Bragging Rights

EditThe Concrete Flower (LP)
1. Strength Through Struggle
2. The Concrete Flower
3. Outdated
4. Right Minded
5. Bottoms Up
6. Fallen Masters
7. Attention
8. Brave Hearts
9. Downhearted
10. Damage / Recover

Release Date: 2014
EditCycles (LP)
01. The Advent Of Change
02. Hope Theory (ft. Davey Muise from Vanna)
03. Appraisals And Omissions
04. Cycles (ft. Mattie Montgomery from For Today)
05. Not My Salvation
06. Legacy (ft. Matt Lanners from The Greenery)
07. Fight For My Life (ft. Brendan Murphy from
08. Repeater
09. The Prequel
10. Ascensions

Release Date: 10/16/2012
EditIlluminator (LP)
1.Beautiful And Spineless
2.6th & Main
3.Weeding Out the Weak
4.Cease Fire (Interlude)
6.Empire: Disarray
7.The Prospect
8.Blind Faith
10.And They Threatened Us With Fire
11.Death of An Era

Release Date: 2011
EditNot Quite An E.P. (EP)
1. Unafraid To Burn
2. Passion Vs. Fashion

Release Date: 2010
EditThe Consequence of Dreams (LP)
1. Setting the Tone
2. To the People I Consider Cowards
3. A Shot to End This All
4. Becoming the Arsonist
5. The Consequence of Dreams
6. Home Away from Home
7. Ode to Logan
8. Constant Distance
9. Kneel You Traitor
10. Deadliest of Lies

Release Date: 2009
EditThe Anatomy of a Martyr (EP)
1. Heads Of Fire
2. Breaking The 4th Wall
3. Courage At Sea
4. The Rise Of Kings
5. To Contest And Conquer
6. Paul’s Lament

Release Date: 2007
EditBecause You Believe In Something Beyond Them... (LP)
1. Because You Believe...
2. Broken Bottles
3. All Talk No Heart
4. More Than Just Goodbye
5. Settle for Stainless Steel
6. New Use for Roses
7. Sad Panda
8. Race Truck
9. The Day You Left
10. Eye See You (Faith is Faux)
11. Letters To No One
12. Smoke Signals

Release Date: 2006


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