Men As Trees

EditWeltschmerz (LP)
1. Germinal
2. Good Luck To You
3. Late Words Of A Reasoning Man
4. If There Was Any Wisdom Left They
Would Send It Back Up The Mountain
5. Dead On The Bank
6. Swa Cwæð Eardstapa

Release Date: 2008
EditFrom the Crows Nest Looking Out (LP)
1. Come Outside and Warm Yourself by the Wolf's Sun
2. Driving North on Withered Winds

Release Date: 2007
EditSix Waves In (LP)
1. Sometimes we all Fight the Tide
2. Would they were now, I was then
3. Scenes from a Voyage
4. Autumn

Release Date: 2007
EditWarred on by Cranes (LP)
1. Treebark, Cricket and Stone; Attornies at law
2. An Epic Novel by Space and Company
3. 400 Wisemen Bearing Rifts in Time

Release Date: 2006


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