EditThis Is Our Science (LP)
1. The River, The Woods
2. This Is Our Science (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker &
3. Thomas Jefferson (feat. Sims & Mike Wiebe)
4. Measure the Globe
5. Dimitri Mendeleev
6. Midday Moon
7. Contrails (feat. Tegan Quinn)
8. Holy Water
9. Secrets on Our Lips
10. Life the Curse
11. One for the Money

Release Date: 2011
EditDaytrotter Sessions (EP)
1. Welcome To Daytrotter
2. Barrel Jumping (Man Of Letters)
3. Freestyle
4. Trouble Hunters
5. Midday Moon
6. The Wondersmith and his Sons
7. The Case for William Smith
8. Measure the Globe Acoustic

Release Date: 2011
EditDANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!! (Compilation)
1. Do You Believe in Life After Thugs?
2. The Secrets of the Undersea Bell
3. Trouble Hunters
4. Avalanche Patrol
5. Run! (feat. Nobs)
6. The Case of William Smith
7. Mr. Blessington's Imperialist Plot
8. Voicemail Freestyle: P.O.S & Jake
9. Seaweed Sheets
10. Learn to Listen (feat. Andrre & Pierre the Motionless)
11. turns out...this wasn't Gomez' number?
12. Voicemail Freestyle: Tegan & Sara
13. Down and Out in the Bold New City of the South
14. Voicemail Freestyle: Mike Wiebe

Release Date: 2010
EditPomegranate (LP)
1. The Wondersmith and His Sons
2. 17 Summers
3. Secrets of the Undersea Bell
4. My Old Man's Badge
5. Two Years Before The Mast
6. Mr. Blessington's Imperialist Plot
7. An Episode of Sparrows
8. The Case of William Smith
9. Trouble Hunters
10. Avalanche Patrol
11. The Most Important Track on the
12. The Story of My Life

Release Date: 2008
EditSplit EP (EP)
1. These Are The Best Days Of Your Life
2. That’s What Makes The Jukebox Play
3. The Unfortunate Affairs Of Mary And Earl
4. Some Things Will Never Change
5. Oceanwalk

Release Date: 2006
EditThe Mighty Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters (LP)
1. Short Term Memory Loss
2. Meet Me Here Later
3. Seaweed Sheets
4. Lost at Sea (Part 1: That Old Sinking
5. Lost at Sea (Part 2: The Getaway)
6. A Love Song for Gary Numan
7. Barrel Jumping (A Man of Letters)
8. Astigmatisim
9. Skeleton (Everybody's Favorite)
10. My Dinner With Andy
11. Xmas in July
12. Down and Out in the Bold New City of the
13. Meet Me Here Later (Reprise)

Release Date: 2006
EditDang! Seven Freestyles In Seven Days (EP)
1.Talkin SXSW Music Conference Blues
2.I Don't Always Dream About Rappers...I
3.The Dogs Are Always Faster
4.Lakefront Property
5.Without A Two Weeks Notice
6.Uncle Danny
7.The Waterfall

Release Date: 2006
EditYou And Yer Good Ideas (LP)
1 Gaston Ave
2 Tightrope
3 Oceanwalk
4 Hurricane Isabel
5 Somethin' for the Kids
6 I'm Never Right
7 People Often Tell Me I'm Good at What I Do
8 Baggage Claim
9 Fax Machine
10 Fourth of July

Release Date: 2005


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